Trawling through the internet the other day, I came across an article with 225 ideas for a bucket list. I’ve seen lists like this before and never really paid much attention to them, but for some reason this list caught my imagination.

I didn’t massively agree with the list, life goals are obviously a very personal thing and what one person wants to achieve, another may not, and a lot of what was on that list, was not for me. But it did give me some ideas of things I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime, and here they are (in no particular order):

  • Learn to love driving and get a car I want – I currently do not enjoy driving, it scares me and this is something I want to conquer.
  • Own a Louis Vuitton suit case – I’d like a set really, but let’s not be greedy now.
  • Do a mud run or colour run – These just look like fun. Rainbow Run
  • Live the ‘London Lifestyle’ for at least a week – Theatre, shopping, galleries, bars, it’ll be an expensive but fun week.
  • Visit NYC – I want to see ‘The Big Apple’ at Christmas when it’s glittery and cosy, and in summer too.
  • Get Dan over his fear of flying – This would be great but he is adamant it will never happen..
  • ‘Do-up’ a house – I’d like to try my hand at interior design and properly improve a house.
  • Create a family tree – Go back as far as I can.
  • Have a favourite solitary place – Somewhere that I only have to think about to feel happy.
  • Write a book – A story that I would want to read.
  • Visit an exotic country and swim in a perfect blue sea. – Maybe I need to decide which one.
  • Be an Extra – This would be awesome, especially if it was in Midsomer Murders, yes please, yes please!!
  • Get Dan to write his own Bucket List – I want to make sure my husband fulfils his goals for life too. “Love and Marriage” Dan’s Bucket List
  • To love and be loved – This will always be something to strive for.
  • Visit Egypt, especially the Pyramids – Something I have always wanted to do, Ancient Egypt has been a fascination for a long time and visiting the place of many a classic murder mystery detective show, would be a dream. Visit Egypt and Pyramids
  • Go to Venice via cruise ship – The stories I have heard of what a sight it is to tower above the city of Venice, this is a definite must in my lifetime. Go to Venice via cruise ship
  • See the Northern Lights – Got to be done. I’m getting to the age where I now stop to look at flowers and interesting birds (oh, how I used to tease my parents for doing the same) so looking at beautiful lights in the sky is bound to keep me amused for hours.
  • Retire Early – And enjoy being able to go experience the world without work getting in the way.
  • Be in a stage performance – To make it clear, I have no interest in becoming an actress but I think it would be fun to be in some amateur stage production. Why not.
  • See a ballet – Attempt some form of sophisticated entertainment in my lifetime.
  • See an opera – Further attempts for sophisticated entertainment in my lifetime, you never know, I may enjoy it.
  • See STOMP live in London – This is something that I have wanted to see ever since I was a child. See STOMP
  • Ride in a helicopter – I soooo want to do this.
  • Eat at a top 50 world restaurant – And I have chosen Dinner by Heston SW1x7LA
  • Sky Dive – Assisted, definitely assisted. Indoor skydiving
  • Conquer a fear – I used to have a ‘crippling’ fear of animals, all animals, this is something I have conquered, I now have a lovely rabbit Dora and am looking forward to one day getting a dog when I have a house to live in. Maybe the next one I’ll try is the driving thing.
  • Always enjoy being creative – I love being creative, writing, art, sculpture, photography, I don’t think I’m particularly good at any of them, but I enjoy them none the less and hope I always do.
  • Attend an Olympic event – 1 regret I have is not attending the London 2012 Olympics, silly and now too late.
  • Go to a festival in a different country – Preferably one in a hot country..
  • Watch an ice hockey match – See some alternative sports to football.
  • Watch an American football match – tried this before but it was very late at night and I didn’t have a clue what was going on, so another attempt is required.
  • Go Skiing – I know I’ll break something but I’d like to give it a go, and then enjoy a warm log fire in a cosy chalet.
  • Visit Harry Potter World and the Harry potter Tour – What can I say, I like Harry Potter. HP Tour
  • Own all the Harry Potter books – I keep borrowing them to read from my little sister. I’d like to own my own set of the hardback books. Own all the Harry Potter books
  • Perfect a home cooked dish – No where near started on this one.
  • Learn to dance – Some basic Ballroom will do.
  • Have a whole family and friends picnic on a beautiful sunny day – Getting everyone to be free at the same time will be a big headache, but one day it will happen.
  • Visit Stonehenge during summer solstice –  Imagine the view.
  • Visit Mount Rushmore – Heads carved into stone, got to see that.
  • Bathe in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa – Iceland – Looks brilliant.
  • Travel the UK – There’s a lot to see right outside your front door and I plan on seeing it.
  • Have an all time favourite film. – I’m not sure this is really attainable as there’s just so many good films out and there will be in the future too. Where to start?
  • Have a paint fight by a massive canvas – Just me?
  • A night at a casino – And make millions!!
  • Ascot Ladies Day – Who doesn’t like a good hat occasion?
  • Eat a six course meal that I prepared – Maybe I’ll serve my ‘perfected’ dish.
  • Learn self-defence – A good tip I read a while ago, carry a brolly!
  • Tour the White House – That will be something to see.
  • Project and watch a film on the side of a house – Like a drive-in cinema, I suppose. It would have to be a good clear night obviously.
  • Go whale watching – I’m not bothered about swimming with dolphins, but seeing whales would be awesome.
  • See the Mona Lisa – It’s so famous, this has to be a must. Mona Lisa
  • Fly first class / stay in the most expensive suite on a cruise – Hopefully I could do both in my life, but I’d like to do at least one of them. (You get a Butler in a suite on a cruise..)
  • Visit a Christmas market in another country – Warming mulled wine, foreign foods and that great Christmas feeling.
  • Visit Walt Disney World – Never been and something I want to do.
  • Visit New Zealand – It looks beautiful, I think if I went there, I’d never want to leave.
  • Own my very own Burberry trench coat – Always wanted one. Burberry trench
  • Buy a house with a path leading up to the front door – Something I’ve always wanted, I have a specific path in mind that must be fulfilled by my dream house.
  • Tour Japan – Almost got there three times but fate has always stepped in the way. One day this will happen!
  • Learn Japanese – So when we go there it’ll be easier to get around.
  • Visit Lapland at Christmas – Hells yeah!
  • Have an all time favourite book
  • Rescue a dog from an animal shelter – I want to home a pup that really needs help.
  • Have afternoon tea at the Ritz – It’s where I belong, I can feel it. Afternoon tea at The Ritz
  • Write myself a letter to read in 10 years time – I’ll be a different person in that time, It’ll be nice to give myself advice from the old me. Ten Years Time Letter
  • Read a book that is set from every country in the world – If I can’t get myself around the world, at least my imagination can go there! Country list

This is my list of things I want to do in my life. Not bad, eh? I will update this as I complete and work my way through the list and add links to write ups about my experiences.

Wish me luck!


34 thoughts on “My Bucket List

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  10. I totally agree with what you said about the bucket list being personal, everyone’s list is so different, but there are also so many in common! Have you seen Leap Year? the Louis Vuitton suitcase reminded me of that rom com.

    • You’re right, I suppose we all take inspiration from each other in everything we do; bucket lists being no exception. Mine only came about after being inspired by reading someone else’s which had a lot that I’d like to do too. No, never seen Leap Year, will give it a look though! Sounds like one I’d enjoy : D

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  16. This is a pretty exhaustive list. There are quite a few on here that I would enjoy myself (I really want to try the first class or expensive cruise ship suite), and several I have done myself. I saw that you did a rainbow run. I would still suggest a mud run. I don’t like to run but I had a blast at the one I tried. Also, make certain that you fly in a touring helicopter first. I did that and then flew in an old Huey at an airshow…there is a big difference! Also, acting on stage is one of the biggest rushes you’ll ever have. I look forward to seeing what other items you get to cross off.

    • I do like the look of a mud run, perhaps you’re right and I should still look at doing one! I have got a couple planned for knocking off this year which I’m very excited about. Do you have your own list? I am such a listy person – I’m probably only getting through doing things because I’ve made this list! Thanks for stopping by!

      • I can’t say that I make a lot of lists. That’s my wife’s thing. I tend to just do. It’s kind of like my writing. I have an idea of what I want to have happen, but rather than outline the story or something, I just let it happen and see what surprises occur.
        Honestly, I guess most of my important bucket list items are done. I’m married to a wonderful woman, have a son, have been teaching for fifteen years, and am getting my first book professionally published. Aside from having my name be turned into a verb, I’d say I’ve covered most of what I need!

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  23. hey, i think i have an idea which article about the bucket list ideas you were talking about since I’ve got some ideas from there and added it to my own bucket list. Enjoy fulfilling each item on your bucket list.

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  28. Hi Lisa,

    Read you blog today and the idea about writing a blog about your bucket list is really interesting. Good luck with your pending items on your bucket list.

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