It feels good to be ticking things off from my Bucket List again!

Too long has it been since I have; especially considering the last thing I did on my Bucket List was to add more to it. Which is a good thing too I suppose.

So the one I get to tick off this time is:

  • Do a mud run or colour run – These just look like fun.

I chose the colour run, or Rainbow Run – as this one was technically called – and I am pleased to say that it certainly didn’t let me down on the fun factor!

A few months ago my younger sister came to stay with me and we’d planned on doing the Rainbow Run that was close to me, but didn’t get registered in time so we could’t do it.   : (

We vowed to find another one that we could do together. And we did! We also roped in Dan and my mum to join us, which made it extra special, all sharing the experience together!





I had originally planned to run around the entire circuit, but being taken out by my recent illness I’ve found just going up stairs extremely tiring. So I did have to slow jog for the whole thing which was a bit of a shame but at the same time it meant I could saunter along with the rest of the family, you know, as we were pelted with paint. IN THE FACE a lot of the time.

But it was absolutely great fun and a day that we could not have wished to have gone better. It didn’t rain, it wasn’t too hot, there was no “competition” atmosphere – everything was perfect!

It was much more entertaining than a normal fun run – everything’s better with a bit of colour!










Crossing the finish line, we were rewarded with a bottle of water, a Mars bar and a medal for our efforts.




Covered in paint and hungry (we skipped breakfast) we traipsed to a local ice-cream parlour place, called Tooties, and asked if they’d mind us sitting on their perfectly white chairs with our paint stained behinds whilst we ate ice cream and waffles. They didn’t!



We did the race in Southampton so had an hours’ drive back home to Bracknell sat on towels and still multi coloured.

It’s sounds silly but I had no idea it would be so difficult to get the paint off! I knew it was powdered paint so assumed it would just brush off…I could not have been more wrong.

My entire body has never had such an exfoliation session – and honestly I still haven’t quite got all the paint off! My skin has a somewhat Avatar/Smurf tinge to it.

I may get a few odd looks tomorrow but, ah well, it was totally worth it!

And that’s one more off the list   : )


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