How do you start a letter to yourself? I’ll answer that for you. With difficulty, that’s how. Do you start with ‘Dear’ or  ‘Hi’, or no niceties at all? Personally, I hate it when people don’t start correspondence by addressing the recipient or start with just a name, “Lisa, blah blah blah.” I always feel like I’m being scolded; so with this in mind, I went with ‘Dear’.

Looking back ten years, to my sixteen year old self, I don’t think I would even recognise the person I was then to who I am today. I remember the feeling of never being happier than when I was at a gig, in amongst the crowd and just letting go. But apart from that, I don’t really remember anything much about me.. The gig thing has definitely changed, being in amongst a load of sweaty teenagers, having beer and water thrown over me, no thanks.

But thinking about that made me wonder what advice my sixteen year old self would have given to me today. We all grow and change and it’s not until we look back to see where we were, that we even notice a difference.

What would my teenage self think of twenty six year old Lisa? Have I forgotten something important and fundamental in that time that would help me now? Probably not, but I’m sure some ‘advice from the past’ would at least be entertaining. Which, leads me nicely into, my letter for future me!

I’m not sure how much I’ll change from twenty six to thirty six, but with knowing how different I am now from ten years ago, makes me think that I probably will be, in some way, altered again. So, in my letter I have, rather awkwardly – I must admit, explained a little about the person I am today, where I hope to be – at the time of reading – and have provided some pearls of wisdom. As with the (imagined) advice from my sixteen year old self, if it doesn’t help thirty six year old me, it should at least bring a smile to my face of how cheesy it is/was.

And with that, I can tick off another bucket list point. Maybe I’ll try to make it a ten year tradition.

I even wrote a letter for my husband to read in ten years time too. Isn’t that nice.

View my bucket list HERE


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