Today has been an unexpected and welcomed ‘free day’. It was set aside so I could finish the first draft of my marketing course assignment (which is due in the day after my birthday) so I didn’t have to spend my birthday finishing it off, but I somehow managed to get my first draft completed and submitted last night! Which means today has been a bonus day and one that I could do anything I wanted with.

That’s where I got a bit stuck. I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted to do with it. My last day of being 27…and I had nothing. All I could think was, cleaning? But who wants to do that on their last day of any age?!

I thought perhaps I could try and tick one more thing off my bucket list, but at such short notice there was nothing really suitable. So what did I do? I hit google of course. ‘Things to do on your own’, there are some great sites with ideas on keeping yourself amused and I soon had a few ideas to get going with.

Listen to music, loud!

So I did. I put ‘Teenage Dirtbags’ Spotify album on loud and skanked my way down memory lane back to my teen years. Reel Big Fish, Weezer, Blink 182, Yellowcard, Sum 41, Puddle of Mudd, Bowling for Soup – the list goes on, I had a party of one singing and dancing the morning away. Being completely honest (as you know, I far am too honest for my own good sometimes), I actually did all that whilst cleaning (turns out I wanted to do that on my last day of an age)…rock on!

Watch an old movie

I chose ‘How to Marry a Millionaire‘ (1953) with Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable. I love this film. It’s witty, it has style and it’s just so easy to watch. It’s shallow and there’s no substance to it, but it’s fun – and today, that’s what counts.

How to Marry a Millionaire


Go somewhere that makes you happy

That’s an easy one. There’s a little park not far from where I live that I just love to visit. I don’t go there in the winter as it gets far too muddy and boggy but when Spring hits and the flowers begin to grow and cover the ground – it’s so beautiful and calming. Even just the thought of it lifts my spirits. Today was the first day of seeing the park since before winter and although the ground was still a bit soft, it was nice to be there again.



Watch the sun set or star gaze

I decided to do both. I get a pretty good view of the sky from my balcony on most days and decided to take a chance and enjoy the sunset from home and just hope that today was one of those good days. It was and it was lovely to watch the sky change from bright to baby blue, to pale pink and then slowly getting dark. The moon was out too, looked much larger and brighter than it does in the photo though. Later on I went back out onto the balcony to gaze at the night’s sky. I think I’m going to add to my bucket list that I want to see a shooting star someday.



Write a blog about something that you care about

I made my next vlog, it’s a review of the book I have just finished  – so you’ve got that to look forward too soon. I’ve also written a couple of extra blogs to keep me going and come up with some ideas for future ones so I’m not struggling to keep up when I’ve got my next stage of my marketing assignment to be getting on with.


I also managed to fit in some ‘Comic Relief Bake Off’ watching and personal grooming – to prettify myself for my first day of being 28.

There’s nothing like turning another year older to remember that you need to be doing shit with your days, and all in all, I think my bonus ‘free day’ and last of 27 was a success.

Goodbye 27, hello 28. Happy Birthday to all the other 5 Marchers! See you on the other side. x


13 thoughts on “The last day of being 27…

  1. Based on this review: “It’s shallow and there’s no substance to it, but it’s fun – and today, that’s what counts.” I will now watch that movie!

      • Haha, there are many people who get famous after they die… the problem is they can’t enjoy the money 😉 Now that you’ve survived 27, you have your whole life ahead to become rich and famous AND enjoy it!!

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