This seems to be a bit of tradition now and being a sucker for traditions, I’ll stick with it for another year.
So. 28. What did I do in that year? Quite a lot actually. I managed to get a few things knocked off my Bucket List:

It was a good year for the list but also for getting out and doing stuff in general with things like indoor skydiving, going to the zoo, seeing England play football at Wembley Stadium, getting my brain scanned for science, moving house, changing jobs; I feel I did a lot and had a great time doing it.

But do I feel I’ve grown as a person in that year? I’m not sure. I suppose I’m basing that on the negative aspects of my personality (like I always do) with stupid things like the fact that I still go through ‘down’ times; I can’t haggle to save my life; I get embarrassed so easily (as in even if it’s just me talking in a group – I can feel my face fill with colour – and being so deathly white normally, there is no hiding it); and I still just feel like an incredibly boring person to talk to. So in that retrospect, no I haven’t grown as I’m still so harsh on myself.

So that’s what I’ll be working on in my 29th year of being on this earth, accepting ME for who I am. Who cares if I go red when I talk, who cares if people don’t want to listen to what I have to say, who cares that I get ‘down’ sometimes – I know there’ll be light again at some point; okay so the ‘not being able to haggle’ thing means I get ripped off some of the time but not all.

Tomorrow, my 29th birthday, is the first birthday I’ve had on a weekend for so long! It’ll be lovely to just wake up leisurely, and see what the day brings. And I have no idea what that will be as I’ve been told ‘you’re not allowed to ask questions’ by Dan. And since I LOVE a surprise – I haven’t asked a thing! Although I do already know one of the gifts he’s giving me as he accidentally sent it to me by email the other day when he was meant to be sending another email…ah well, these things happen.

And now for my last few hours of being 28, I think I’ll go and find something fun to do…hmm but what?

Happy Birthday to all the March Fivers and especially those turning 29 tomorrow!

See you on the other side. x


16 thoughts on “The last day of being 28

  1. Wow congrats on turning 29…don’t look at 28 as being a waste. You did alot which sets the stage for more growth in years 29, 30 and 31. The more positive experiences you have the more you will grow from those things you did at 28. You didn’t do things that were self destructive so you are doing well.:)

  2. Hey Liza,

    Wonderful article… It motivated me a lot to do wht im suppose to do. Happy birthday to you .. Enjoy the month and also the whole year. Stay blessed and sending u all the positive vibes from Doha for you to achieve what ever u want to..

    Best regards

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