I’m free! The shackles of my first module of the digital marketing course, that I’ve been doing for the past five months, have been removed! The assignment has been handed in and I have a while before the next module gets going. Man am I going to try and make the most of this extra time.

I have a list of things that I want to do, but I know I’m going to have internal battles with myself to get these things done – as I also know I’ll just want to be lazy. I need to fight this!

I’m thinking the best way for me to make sure I accomplish the things I want to – more than just sitting on the sofa watching TV and films – is to not give myself too many tasks, so it’s okay in the times that I do just sit on the sofa. I have a bad habit of giving myself an unattainable list of things to do and then I don’t get anything done as I don’t know where to start. I’ve tried not to do that this time, but I have a feeling I may have anyway. Here is the list of things I want to do, in no particular order:


A while ago I started to write a story. I got a few chapters into it but then had to put it on the back burner for my course. I’d like to get into it again and carry it on where I left off. I just hope I still like the story and can get back into it.



Easy, healthy, quick things. I have myself a new spiralizer and books on clean eating so I am all good to go. With my evenings pre occupied by assignment writing, Dan kindly did most of the cooking. I want to take this time to get us into a healthier regime that we can carry on with when I’m back in my studying phase. I’ve already started with the healthy cooking – these cookie-cakes took me minutes and they were so healthy we had them for breakfast! Oat mix (oats, seeds, nuts, dried fruit and cinnamon, I mix this myself and have it for breakfast with soya yoghurt), banana and a little honey, all mushed up together and baked for 15 mins. I call them cookie-cakes as they look like cookies but have a squashy-cake consistency.



I recently added these four books to my ‘to-read’ pile, meaning I have to get cracking with getting through some more books. After finishing ‘The Gargoyle’, by Andrew Davidson, which I loved – in case you haven’t read/watched my review, I started ‘Past Imperfect’, by Julian Fellows, and just couldn’t get into it. That one has gone back onto the pile. It’s not the first time I’ve started a book, found it tediously boring and given up only to try again some time later and enjoyed it. So it’s back on the pile for another day. I’ve now started ‘The Misbegotten’, by Katherine Webb, which I am getting into so I’ll be finishing this one.

But it’s not only a pile of books I have to read, I also have a stack of magazines too. Random months I know. Sometimes I read them as soon as they drop into the post box, sometimes I don’t have the time.



I have a few blogs I want to write and maybe I’ll try to get some lined up for future ease. The blogs-lined-up thing probably won’t happen but I can give it a go.

Sorting out the flat

The boiler is broken, one of the bathroom taps doesn’t work, there’s a big crack in the ceiling – the list goes on. All this needs sorting before we can put the flat up for sale, but even before that we have friends coming to live with us for a few weeks whilst they’re in-between houses, and we want to get the place in a nicer state for them. There’s only have a single bed in the spare room so want to get a sofa bed for them, however the single bed has lots of stuff stored under it which will have no place, plus they’ll need space to put their stuff. Basically there’s lots to get sorted in the flat, and, it’s not going to sort itself.

Bucket list organising


My last task is to get in the diary some more things to do from my bucket list. I have one coming up next weekend which I am super stoked about. Afternoon tea at The Ritz! We booked it to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, so do expect a post about that. Also we’re visiting Venice by cruise ship in a couple of months, so that’s another one. So it’s not like I haven’t got some exciting stuff coming up, I just want to make sure we’re living our lives the way they’re meant to be. There’s more to life than work.


The days are getting lighter earlier and I think Dan and I are going to start getting up at 6 again in the mornings for exercise. We definitely made more of our days when we did this before, so hopefully I’ll be more motivated to get things done. I’m both excited for this and reluctant…as it will involve me having to get up at 6am. Tricky.

As long as I at least try to make the most of the free time I have before the shackles are locked on again, then I can’t be too disappointed with myself.


5 thoughts on “Making the most of my time

  1. Wow one check of a list of stuff to do! The trip to Venice sounds amazing – look forward to that post! The Gargoyle resides in my ‘to read tower’ thanks to your review, so I’ll be getting into that soon I hope.

  2. Haha this is a good idea! I love the Bucket list and actually have several (remade), but it’s all in my head, never really written down! I wish I had more of an interest in cooking, but my bae said he’ll be the cook of the house so I guess it’s not something to worry about! lol!

    • Oh I have to write everything down if I want to remember it, even if it’s stuff I want to do like everything on my bucket list, I’d never remember otherwise 🙂 That is lucky, you’ve got a good one there! Thanks for stopping by x

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