I created my bucket list as I got a bit freaked out at how fast my life was going and feeling that I didn’t have much to show for my time so far; thinking of one day reaching the pearly gates and wondering if I would be happy with the life I had lead. A mid-twenties crisis, if you like. So I thought about everything I want to do and see in this world and wrote it all down for my very own Bucket List, to be completed before leaving this earth..

Amongst my own things to do, skydive, visit NYC, be an extra and retire early, to name but a few, I also want to know that my husband – my partner for life – the one who I would do anything for – is fulfilling his life’s dreams too. Whether he wants to or not.

He had a deadline of before he was 30, the big 3-0 to start a list. A good couple of months he had to write this and think about it, which meant a good couple of months of me nagging (reminding), ‘have you done it yet?’, and when did he write it? The afternoon before his 30th birthday, 4 days ago now, talk about leaving it to the last minute.

For how slap-dash it was, even on scrap paper, it is a good list. It covers a lot: places, events and experiences and here are two of my personal favourites from his list:

Never be a fatty.

Meet a penguin.

Of course, it can always be added to as time goes by and new experiences are wanted, and if I nag (encourage).. As long as he knows it’s because I care and want him to be happy too, then it’s not a bad thing to be nagging (promoting enthusiasm) about, surely?

For now, I am happy as we both have things to strive for and can help and support each other in our goals. But there’ll be no resting on our laurels, we’ve got things to do.


2 thoughts on “Bucket List – Get Dan to write his own Bucket List

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