Cruising is THE LIFE I can tell you.

Waking up to a new view outside your window each day as you effortlessly travel the world, is hard to step away from. New cities, new cultures, new oceans and creatures from the deep are just some of the unforgettable sights that await a cruiser.

Cruising also gives you a taste of ‘how the other half live’ as you are truly treated like a King. There is someone to clean your bathroom, to make your bed in the morning and turn it down at night, leaving biscuits on your desk and chocolates on your pillow; there are many people who cook your (all-you-can-eat-and-more) food, tidy up after you and still more who bring you drinks as you lay by the pool sunning yourself under the blazing hot sun. There is free entertainment on tap during the day and at night in all forms from dancing lessons, to comedians, to cinema screenings, to shows, to lectures – the list goes on and on and on. In other words, the general freedom of doing what you want, when you want, is hard to leave.

There’s no denying it, I am sad to be home and back to reality where dinner plates are not magically cleaned and put away, where I cannot just decide to take a nap if I so choose, and where the view from my window never changes no matter how times I open and close the curtains – just in case I’ve turned into Hermione Granger at some point and have magicked my flat in Bracknell to somewhere exotic. Hasn’t worked so far.

But as the saying goes, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

And I am so glad it did. I have so many memories that I will cherish because this trip happened. Like seeing dolphins jumping in the open seas, watching the sun rise over Gibraltar, sailing into Venice (which incidentally is on My Bucket List so I’ll do a separate post just on that), sitting on a bench in Korcula watching the waves on the beach and just being in the moment, and being in utter amazement as we sailed through a calm Bay of Biscay – “For some people, just hearing the words ‘Bay of Biscay’ is enough to make them tremble and beg God for forgiveness and protection, but the bay is not all bad!” Cruise Miss

Our P and O Cruise on one of their adult-only ships, Arcadia, took us on a Mediterranean expedition. After leaving Southampton we had an itinerary that saw us spend two days at sea, one day at Cadiz (Spain), two more days at sea then one day each in Messina (Sicily), Corfu (Greece), Korcula (Croatia), Venice (Italy) and Dubrovnik (Croatia), followed by three more days at sea, half a day at Gibraltar (Gibraltar), two more days at sea, then we arrived back in Southampton.

And now, without further a-do, I will leave you with the photos from my trip. I’ve tried not to put in too many but…

Photos from around the ship

Boat13 Boat12 Boat11 Scene5 Scene4 Messina2 Boat10 Boat9 Boat8 Venice Dubrovnik2 Boat6 Scene2 Dolphins Dolphins2 Boat7 Scene Boat5 Boat4 Boat3 Boat2 Boat Soton2 Soton ArcadiaHome Oceana Binoculars Boat37 Boat36 Boat35 Boat34 Boat33 Boat32 Boat31 Boat28 Boat29 Boat30 Scene6 Boat27 Boat26 Boat25 Boat23 Boat20 Boat21 Boat22 Boat19 Boat18 Boat17 Boat16 Boat15 Boat14


Cadiz – Spain (Incl. excursion to Conil)

CadizCadiz2 Cadiz3 Cadiz4 Cadiz5 Cadiz6 Cadiz7 Cadiz8


Messina – Sicily (Incl. excursion to Mt.Etna and Gival jewellery workshop)

Messina3 EtnaEtna3 Etna2 Etna4Gival Gival2 Gival3 Gival4 Gival5   Messina2



Corfu – Greece

CorfuCorfu4Corfu2Corfu6 Corfu5  Corfu7


Korcula – Croatia

Korcula7 Korcula6Korcula4Korcula5Korcula8 Korcula Korcula2 Korcula3


Venice – Italy

Venice7 Venice8  Venice2 Venice3 Venice4 Venice5 Venice6Venice


Dubrovnik – Croatia 

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik10Dubrovnik9Dubrovnik7  Dubrovnik4 Dubrovnik8Dubrovnik5 Dubrovnik6    Dubrovnik3Dubrovnik2



Gibraltar8 Gibraltar Gibraltar3Gibraltar2    Gibraltar7Gibraltar6  Gibraltar5Gibraltar4Gibraltar9

We took over 800 photos on the camera, I took over 400 on my phone and goodness knows how many Dan took on his phone – so be grateful you got this small selection : )

Well that was my holiday in a nutshell, anyone else tried cruising? If you haven’t I’d recommend giving it a go.

Until next time.


7 thoughts on “My sail away cruise holiday

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