I made it! Afternoon tea at The Ritz. I was so excited for it, you have no idea.

The Ritz

But.. Oh dear, so soon?

But…I felt cheated. I’m going to go straight into the bad side as I really was quite disappointed, however, do remember that this is just my opinion.

Afternoon tea at The Ritz is something I had wanted for so long, but in being there, I soon realised it wasn’t the real Ritz experience. It was a show for the people who want to experience a little of the good life – but it’s given to you on a mass produced/budget scale.







The Ritz!!

You’re paying for the prestige of being in the building, which frankly, you can walk into for free anyway without being questioned. The food was not the best I have ever had – and not by a small margin either – I love all things cake and even I did not like everything that was on offer. You may think that it’s because I don’t have a sophisticated pallet that appreciates good taste – wrong. I know good food and this was mediocre. Certainly not worth the £100 we paid for it.

It’s obvious they’re holding back the good stuff for the Prince of some other country, whilst the rest of us are supposed to keep quiet and be happy with the conveyer belt food we’re given.




Sandwiches are sandwiches, there’s no getting away from that. My fruit scone had three sultanas/raisins in it, the rest had none at all. God knows what was in the orange macaron but it wasn’t particularly nice and Marks & Spencer do a much nicer fruit tart. I have to say though, if you do go, make sure you eat the sickly looking chocolate slice thing early – it was the best of the bunch and we avoided it until the end as it just looked too sickly, turned out to be the nicest thing on the plate.

The service also was odd. I went to pour my own tea and was told not to by our waiter in tails- it’s his job, and I can see why. Near enough every time I took a sip of tea the waiter in tails would come over and top up my cup for me…every time…  I had to literally pick up and cover my cup with my other hand to stop him from giving me more tea. Good job he was there otherwise I’m not sure how I’d have coped. Although towards the end when I actually wanted more tea, he was nowhere to be seen, so I went ahead and poured it myself – how naughty ; )

Okay, good points:

  • I can say I’ve been to The Ritz and it’s another one crossed off my Bucket List
  • There was some delightful music from the pianist which did give a special feeling to the event
  • I did like the crockery and would love to have the same at home
  • It’s actually a really good place to people watch


Would I recommend it?

That completely depends. If you have a spare £100 for two of you and want to get dressed up and be a bit posh for a couple of hours, go for it. If not, food wise, any old afternoon tea will be just as good, there just probably won’t be waiters in tails or the sheer amount of gold leaf that draped the walls. But as I said, if it’s mainly the building you want to take a look in, dress smartly, walk in like you own the place and have a peek (it’s cheaper).

I know I’ve made it sound like I had a completely dreadful time – I didn’t – far from it, I still had a lovely time and went away stuffed to the eyeballs, it’s just not what I had hoped for, that’s all.

I would absolutely love to hear if you’ve been before and what your thoughts of it were?

Next stop, Harrods afternoon tea – I’ve heard really good things : D


5 thoughts on “Bucket List – Have afternoon tea at the Ritz

  1. I’m so sorry that it turned out to be a disappointment /: the Ritz always seemed so fancy! If I can recommend a place for afternoon tea that is amazing – try the one offered at Fortnum and Mason, it is absolutely worth booking in advance, such good food when I went. The Ritz still looks amazing though 🙂 x

    • Ooh Fortnum and Mason, I didn’t actually know they did one, I’ll have to have a look. It’s good to get a recommendation for one though as I wasn’t actually recommended to go to The Ritz – perhaps I should apply that logic as I go forward in life. If it’s not recommended, don’t have high expectations 🙂 X

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