Hearing stories from fellow passengers on previous cruise holidays about how amazing Venice looks when you sail into it via cruise ship, and how cruise ships were (supposedly) being stopped from sailing down the Grand Canal, made me long to see it for myself (therefore, onto the Bucket List it went) and made this year’s boat adventure a no-brainer. Anything with Venice on the itinerary.

We traveled with P and O on the good ship, Arcadia, through the Mediterranean from Spain to Croatia (and stops in between), and what beautiful sights we did see along the way. I won’t bore with all that again as I’ve already written a post about the holiday itself, so if you missed it, you can read all about my cruising adventure and see more photos here.

Sailing into Venice was as spectacular a sight as everyone had said it was. Standing on our balcony, we watched as the city grew nearer. And as our ship got closer, we towered above the city seeing the mass of pinky-red rooftops and breaks between the buildings to reveal the canals and bridges that are the veins of Venice.

We sailed past Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square – to you and me) where an early start exposed it to be near-on empty, a rare thing for a tourist to see; during the day it’s usually pretty busy.


Venice10 Venice14Venice30Venice11 Venice37Venice-mainVenice12 Venice13   Venice15 Venice16 Venice27 Venice35Venice26  Venice46 Venice17Venice18Venice7 Venice19  Venice8Venice22  Venice3    Venice42Venice38 Venice44 Venice43    Venice40 Venice39Venice41Venice24Venice25  Venice23  Venice4 Venice45Venice21 Venice20   Venice2VeniceVenice28 Venice34Venice6Venice29  Venice5Venice31 Venice32    Venice33Dolphins2Dolphins Venice36

It’s a lovely sight on both sides of the Grand Canal but there’s a slightly more modern look to the side opposite St. Mark’s Square. Don’t ask me which pictures you can see this in though as I’m not even sure they’re all in the right order.

I would recommend visiting Venice by cruise ship, however, as you may have noticed in one the images, there are many people who want the big sail up the Grand Canal banned as it is speeding up the sinking of Venice. Walking around the city I could see evidence of its submergence with steps from doorways leading down beneath the canals’ waters. So as amazing an experience it was, I feel bad for being part of the problem for the beautiful city of Venice.

I’d like to go back again to Venice for a long weekend to really get around and see everything that this lovely place has to offer but it’ll have to be a cooler time of year as June was far too hot, autumn or winter when I can get all snuggled up and take my time with a leisurely stroll.

Have you been to Venice? What’s your favourite part? Are you planning to go? What would you like to make sure you get time to see?

Until next time.


6 thoughts on “Bucket List – Go to Venice via cruise ship

    • I’m so pleased! I think September will be a great time to go. I would recommend saving a little bit so you can enjoy a coffee and cake in one of the cafés in St. mark’s square. There’s one that Charles Dickens used to go to, I’d look that up as a nice Anniversary treat. I hope you have a lovely time, I’ll look out for the photos 🙂

      • Well I found in Venice, you get what you pay for. You go cheap, you get cheap. I don’t I’m afraid, but I’m sure if you did a post asking for advice someone will know of a nice place. I know what you mean, I’m trying to plan a trip to Japan and it’s so confusing knowing to put your faith in staying. Good luck! x

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