I can’t quite believe I am writing these very words but…I now own my very own Burberry trench coat..eeeek!

As you may be aware from previous posts about special trips I have made to try and buy one of the timeless classics, this has been a long time coming.




An impromptu trip to Bicester and a ‘I’ll just have a quick look in Burberry, you know, whilst we’re here’ led to my hard earned savings taking a swift nose dive. They’d have been beyond depleted if it wasn’t for my will power in not buying the (totally gorgeous) bag the salesman was pairing with the trench. Go me.




I’m a short 5.3″. Meaning that the traditional trench is just too long and makes me look like a child dressing in my mum’s clothes. Luckily Burberry cater for this and produce shorter versions to fit all frames. Go Burberry.

I will say though that their sizing is way off. In no other world but Burberry’s am I a UK size 4. They sure know how to make their customers feel good about themselves, I’ll give them that!




I’ve wanted a Burberry trench coat for so long, I even added it to my Bucket List as something I want to achieve in my life, but now I have it, I’m terrified I’m going to ruin it and can see me never wearing it outside away from the safety of the plastic cover I have put it in.

But that is a major waste of money so I’ll do my best to make sure I get at least some wear out of it and if I ever don’t know what to wear with it I know I’ll have Pinterest to save the day and give me lots of inspiration.




One thing I’ve also realised, for me to be able to keep it and wear it forever, I’m going to have watch my weight for the rest of my life. Whether that’s good or bad, I’ll let you decide.




And that is another ticked off the great and powerful Bucket List.

Until next time.


16 thoughts on “Bucket List – Own my very own Burberry trench coat

  1. I would like a trench coat as well, but at 4′ 9″ it’s hard to find them the right length! I didn’t know Burberry carried some that were shorter, but it is definitely not on a student budget!!!

    • Ooh, yes must be a bit tricky for you, my sister’s 4.9″ too and I know she struggles at the best of times to find well fitting clothes. Hopefully it’s not too long before you find a suitable one. Thanks for stopping by x

    • Aww thanks! Confession..still haven’t worn it outside. Almost did the other day for a trip to London but thought better of it, you know, just in case. It will happen one day!

      • Haha, it happens when you’ve bought something so nice! Hope it’s a nice sunny day but a bit chilly when you wear it 🙂

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