Easter weekend was a busy one this year. Although my thoughts often drifted back to the same time last year when I were being waited on hand and foot on our cruise holiday, it’s been just as good a way to spend the weekend and our 3rd Anniversary.

With a four day weekend, we managed to fit in lots of activities to try and make the most of time.


Friday saw my first experience of motocross racing. And it was pretty good! The speed, the jumps, the daring – it was all quite exciting. I’m not going to be a regular on the motocross scene or anything like that, but for a one-off try out, I enjoyed it, despite the depressing weather.

Motocross Motocross Motocross

After that I had some good quality family time and a lovely meal out with ma and pa and Dan. And then had a catch-up with an old friend before she leaves for her Australian travels. All in all, it was a really good day.


Lots of jobs happened on this day, there were hair cuts; homemade tomato soup making; and there was even cleaning, tidying, sorting through and getting rid of stuff – trying to make room for our house guests that will soon be joining us. Lots done, a proper Spring clean kind of day.

Homemade tomato soup

New cut and styled hair


Sunday was a double celebration of Easter Sunday and Dan and my 3rd Wedding Anniversary. 3rd! Where has the time gone?! For at least a year and a half after the wedding I still felt like there was stuff I needed to be doing for our big day – very odd – weddings just take over everything and then don’t want to let go. Thankfully I don’t feel like I need to be making paper flowers or collecting glass bottles (…table decorations) or worrying about whether there’ll be enough food for the evening guests (there wasn’t btw) etc etc…phew. Glad that’s over. It was a bloody good day though, well, what I can remember of it was good.

Our 3rd Anniversary

Happy Easter

But I digress. Although it was a double celebration of a day, we didn’t actually do anything Easter related, we didn’t even get each other chocolate eggs this year (the extremely cows were from the in-laws…the cows no longer exist). Nor did we get each other gifts for the Anniversary itself. Instead we headed out into the early morning and caught a train to The Big Smoke for a bout of Afternoon Tea at The Ritz!!

The Ritz!!

The Ritz, we made it! Stay tuned for a dedicated post on this for my Bucket List tick offs, so all I’ll say is; expensive ain’t always the best…

After we stuffed ourselves with sugar, we took a slow stroll through London town seeing the sights and stopped by the National Art Gallery – man it was heaving! But a very nice fellow offered to take our picture for us as he could see we were struggling to take a good ‘selfie’ of us and Monet’s ‘The Water-Lily Pond’.

National Portrait Gallery

We were going to see a show of some sort, but honestly we were knackered and thought it would end up being an expensive nap, so we headed home to watch a film snuggled on the sofa instead.


Glorious weather! There was not a cloud in the sky and there was warmth in the sun’s rays. Complete opposite for the previous three days. How did we make the most of this? By doing our weekly food shop, having a walk around a duck pond, a bit of house hunting and carrying on with our tidying, cleaning and sorting. And being very jealous of anyone with a garden and BBQ.


And that was our Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Bit late but, did you get up to anything good? Or how about this weekend, what do you have planned?

Until next time.


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