After managing to get a few points ticked off my Bucket List last year, I wanted to make sure for 2015 that I get at least another one knocked off to keep the momentum going.

So I wrote down some of the ones that I could realistically do this year and picked one at random – you can watch me picking the winner in the video below, you may need this password though ‘ Make-it-happen ‘ (comments are of course welcome, but only if they’re nice and complimentary comments, that is) – that I can plan out, enjoy and complete sometime this year.

It was a good one, I can tell you. No, I really can – on the video!

Making it happen from Lisa Tiller on Vimeo.

The one that won definitely has to be saved for a special occasion.

The gauntlet has been thrown down (by me) and I have accepted the challenge (that I set for myself…), but still – it’s exciting and one that I am really looking forward to! I do love a bit of posh.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts of my first video appearance (scary) and the bucket list challenge.

Until next time.


16 thoughts on “Making it happen – The first vlog. Let’s get this done.

  1. That’s good LIsa.. Make it happen and it would be wonderful if you can ask MR. Al Fayed to have his photo taken with you, so it would be worth it dining at the RITZ. Good luck. Great for doing the video, that’s one brave effort to talk and show your face to the world. You go girl!

    • Thanks!! You know you may be right there, think it will take a few more video appearances under my belt before I can say I’ve conquered that one but hey, gotta start somewhere. Thank you for stopping by xx

  2. Very nice. You looked a little nervous which was to be expected but overall you were very calm, composed, natural and looked good. You have a nice speaking voice and I love your accent Enjoy your afternoon tea at the Ritz.

    • Thanks. Oh you have no idea how long it took to work up the courage just to do that quick video, kept going wrong but was pleased with overall outcome, and definitely pleased for a first attempt. Thanks for stopping by x

  3. You are a natural and looked beautiful. You came across with elegance and charm. Technically you needed a boost in your audio level. However, I loved the way the lighting caressed your face. I hope you find time to create more videos.

    • Thanks CJ, that’s lovely of you to say! Boost in audio, I do have a very quiet voice but I will try 😀 I’ve got a new one going up today actually so hopefully there’s some kind of improvement in it, we’ll see. Thank you for taking a look x

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