For Christmas our, very thoughtful, friends bought us two tickets for a Midsomer Murders tour of the filming locations for the show, which really meant a lot. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Midsomer Murders and am desperate to be an extra in it (not getting anywhere with that though unfortunately – won’t someone let me go on it, pretty please? I’ll be good and do as I’m told, I promise!), but even to me, the thought of making my way to London to catch a bus that will bring me back to the area that I live in during an 8 hour bus ride that will then take me back to London – with few stops and no food – just to see where some of the episodes were filmed; feels like a wasted experience.

So our, fecking brilliant, delightful and understanding, friends let us trade the vouchers in to do something else a bit more exhilarating. Don’t think us ungrateful, I was so pleased at the thoughtfulness of the gift they had chosen for us, but even they didn’t realise it was an 8 hour round trip and so didn’t mind at all at us exchanging it.

We had a look on the experiences site where they bought the tickets from and decided on INDOOR SKYDIVING!!

As you may know, Dan is none too keen on flying (slight understatement), so there is no way in hell that he would let me or him do a real sky dive – plus I’ve never been fully sure if it’s something I’d actually like to do; it’s on my bucket list but…conservatively. So I thought this would be a great and, possibly a, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us both to experience just a part of what it would be like to free fall – without the scary height for Dan to contend with. I geared myself up for a ‘no way’ from the big man and was totally taken aback when he said ‘yeah, we can give it a go.’ Although it wasn’t a massively enthusiastic yes, I ran with that yes and got it booked in!

Yesterday was the day and by 10:30am it was all over. I wouldn’t say any of the people involved in giving out the experience were very good – to them it is very clearly their day job and they have forgotten what it means to make an exciting experience for people. But completely disregarding that – the experience of flying was insane!

I actually floated inside a really windy tunnel – it was awesome! So hard to keep a smile on my face when I was concentrating on my posture and trying to remember what the different hand signals meant after the extremely short lesson, but I had a good time in there.

I had two flights each lasting around one minute, so although it’s over before you know it – it’s kind of enough time. It’s windy and hard to breath in there after all. The first flight is to perfect how you do it, the second flight is to enjoy it. Dan and I had a discussion afterwards and both agreed that although you’re floating – neither of us actually experienced a feeling of weightlessness – which we thought we might.

On the second flight, the instructor gave us all the option of doing a ‘high spin’ which was where you were spun to the top of the tube (it was a BIG tube), otherwise you stay near the bottom of the tube. I decided to give the high spin a go, and tried to persuade Dan to give it a go too but he refused – I was proud of him anyway for giving the flying a go – I never thought he would! And so on my second go – I gave the signal for doing the high spin. It started off as before floating around the bottom then the instructor grabbed me started spinning me around (which felt like a million miles an hour, I must add) and then catapulted us both to the top of the tube before we fell at a great speed back to the bottom, spinning the whole way was just craziness, then all of a sudden we were back up the top before falling back down to earth (sort of), and then I was out the door back on land trying to steady myself after the washing machine experience.

Although you are only in the tube with the instructor, you share the experience with a group, we had about nine people in our group – the rest were a family so it was slightly awkward but they said we were their adopted family for the day, which was nice and everyone was encouraging of each other with high fives and woops of a job well done. But watching the others go before me made me even more nervous, I was convinced I was going to do something wrong – but once I was in there I realise it didn’t even matter.

When it came to watching the others do the ‘high spin’ it looked so slow – so I was completely surprised when my turn came and it felt like I was breaking some kind of spinning record and thought there was no way any of the others went this fast, but, well they must have; Dan made no mention of it looking like I was being spun around at a break-neck speed.


The experience has totally made me want to give real skydiving a go, even if just for the views. I love a good view. But there is a greater risk of dying…we’ll see, perhaps one day I will do one.

So, tell me, have you ever skydived or tried the indoor version like me? Did you enjoy it? Or is it something you’d like to try one day?


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