I’ve been quiet since my skydive, I know. So much has happened lately that it has been hard to find the time to keep up with my blog so it’s slid, yet again.

One of the major new things in my life is a brand new podcast I have developed and produced all on my own (yeah we can tell that, I’m sure most would say on listening to the first episode…) and that I am now able to share with the world.

The whole thing came about when I wanted to keep on pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I had the idea of joining a book club, but I couldn’t find one that felt like the right fit for me. I wanted to read books from around the world, from female authors – quite a niche request for a local book group.

I thought about starting my own book club, but the thought of trying to organise a group of people to read a book from every country in the world for a year or two was way too much of a commitment of me to ask of other people so the podcast idea was born.

I could travel the world one book at a time, read exclusively from female authors (transgender, non-binary all welcome, I just want a bit of time away from reading about everything from a man’s POV for a while) and challenge my own preconceptions of cultures and experiences different to my own.

It’s been a challenge in itself to get ONE WAY TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ready for launching. I created a website, Twitter and Instagram accounts, selected the books for the first trip (not all countries have female authored books translated into English so I’ve had to diversify what I read to be able to get something from every country), I read the first book (first stop England with Skint Estate by Cash Carraway, a memoir of poverty in England today), researched, wrote a script and recorded (re-recorded and re-recorded) my first episode, edited it, and uploaded it onto podcast sharing sites. This was certainly not the work of one night.

But I am excited. I am excited for what this could be. I am excited that I get to travel the world in my own way and hopefully pick some friends up along on this journey.

I’m nervous though too. I’m nervous to tell anyone I know about it because I don’t want them to judge me or pity me if it doesn’t do well. It’s embarrassing because it’s my first attempt and I know I have a lot to learn about delivery, making it interesting and being confident enough to get out what it is I want to get out without getting flustered. It’s just me in a room, I shouldn’t be getting flustered, yet I do.

But I’ll get there. This is the first of many. Many, many. There’s 215 countries to get through, well 214 now I guess. That’s a lot of books, stories, plays and more to get through…

Wish me luck!

If you want to have a listen, you can find the first episode here.

Hopefully soon enough you’ll be able to find my podcast wherever it is you listen to them from and then you can subscribe and help support me. I’m too afraid to tell my friends about it, so perhaps you could tell yours about it for me if you think they’ll enjoy it?

Thank you and – until next time. x

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