Excluding my last book review blog, it’s been a good couple of months since I last blogged. Again.

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from social media in general since then, actually. It’s not been a conscious decision, just something that happened naturally, but something that has been pretty good for my wellbeing it turns out.

Seeking likes, comments, approval and validation from others on social media platforms; what is that about? Why do we do it to ourselves? We see those with thousands of followers, getting praise for every little thing they do, and grow evermore envious at their perfect lives, while the rest of us are left to feel like we don’t matter because we aren’t rewarded in the same way with likes upon likes from people that we don’t even know, and worry that what we’re doing isn’t fulfilling enough. The definition of FOMO.

So I took a step back, without realising I was, gained a little perspective, and in the process found out what is important to me. And, it turns out:

  • Looking for instant gratification from total strangers for my posts – on whichever social platform – is not important.

Since I’ve put social media on the back foot, I’ve found myself to be happier, less stressed and much less concerned with what other people think. It hasn’t cured my anxiety, by any stretch of the imagination, but has allowed me to focus on my wellbeing more, and as I said, put things into perspective a bit better. And so, it turns out:

  • Using these platforms to build memories for myself – is important.

I don’t have the best memory, and though I love to do different things and try to make the most of my time, I do sadly struggle to remember those amazing experiences. Therefore, writing about what I’ve done is important to me so I can look back and remember those good times; so they’re not lost from me forever in the black hole that is my memory. The amount of times I have had family and friends say to me, “Oh, do you remember that time…” and I’m sat there listening intently trying to wrack my brain for the faintest clue of what time they’re talking about, to come up with nothing. I’ve become rather good over the years of pretending to look like I remember too.

Keeping up with this blog, this record of my time, is the best way for me to be able to keep track and know that I have done things. I haven’t wasted my days.

And a lot has happened since my last proper blog (about my sister’s hen do), her wedding for starters, Christmas, another Harry Potter tour visit (I know), a Lake District holiday, seeing James Acaster, but that’s not particularly worth writing home about; most of which I will do my best to catch up with. I’ve also got a lot coming up too, a London trip, seeing Ian McKellen on stage, a New Forest getaway and more, so I’d better catch up before too much time passes and I’ve then got too much to catch up on.

So there we have it. My vow to catch up…again. Let’s face it, it won’t be the last vow.

Until next time. x


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