This weekend, it’s the turn of the Stags for their do. So while the men of the family are busy running around shooting bows and arrows or whatever they’ve got planned, I’ve got the women of the family coming to visit!

And with two kids to keep entertained in the form of my niece and nephew, I didn’t want their first time staying at Auntie Lisa’s to be a boring one, so I’ve got myself prepared…

Saturday-day is covered; we’re all off to Windsor to join in the Halloween event there. There’ll be pumpkin carving, spooky ghost story telling, magic shows and more. So I thought it would be a nice idea to keep the Halloween theme going in the evening too.

This is my plan:

Toasting marshmallows: Kids, scolding marshmallows, open flame…what could go wrong?

Halloween films: I’m desperately hoping they’ll want to watch Hocus Pocus, or even the one that’s acceptable twice a year – Nightmare Before Christmas. Is it a Halloween film? is it a Christmas film? Who knows!

Sweet eating games: Think drinking games for films but replace the alcohol with kid friendly sweets. They’ll pick five or six Halloween words or phrases, and every time they’re said in the Halloween films we’re watching, they get to eat some sweets!

Monster freeze dance: We all dance while the monster music is playing, but freeze when it stops.

Witches potion: I’ll print out some little pics of items witches put in their potions then we have to work together to get them in the cauldron. Suck up a picture with a straw and pass it to the next person in the row who takes it with their straw and so on until the last person puts it in the cauldron. If the picture drops to the floor, its lost forever.

Hopefully that will be enough to keep them entertained for one night and not just think they’re lame ideas. They’re still young so fingers crossed.

Wish me luck!

Photo by Leximphoto via Unsplash


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