Life isn’t always about the successes we have, sometimes it’s about learning from the failures we face.

At the beginning of June I set myself the challenge of taking 300,000 steps in that month.

Yesterday, I failed this challenge. Not by much but I fell at the last hurdle.

I was trying to average 10,000 steps every day throughout the month and did well at first generally doing more than this each day. I tracked my steps on my Fitbit and had a piece of paper on the fridge with my steps so I could see when I needed to be digging a little deeper, I was focused. At first. As the month went on, I got slack and wasn’t hitting 10,000 steps each day. My thoughts were shifting to, ‘I’ll do more tomorrow,’ but tomorrow generally didn’t come and then yesterday, the last day of June – I found myself needing to do over 31,000 steps to reach my final goal.

I tried my best. I went for a run in the morning, that got me to around 4,500 steps, I then waltzed my way around the house as much as I could in amongst the tasks I had to get done, which got me to around 11,800 steps and then, when Dan came home, we went for a long walk which saw me hit about 16,500 by 7pm. Any normal day, this would have been great! But this wasn’t any normal day. We worked out that I would have to keep walking non-stop from that point until midnight for me to be able to finish. It just wasn’t possible.

In the end I finished the day on 17,222 steps, which meant I was 13,904 away from completing my 300,000 steps in June. I’d almost got there but my complacency at doing more at the start of the month, made me lose sight of what I was trying to achieve. I got lazy, tried to claw it back right at the end and failed.

So what have I learnt from this experience? To do more in those times that I can do more, because there might be a time when I can’t do it.

Wait, is that the lesson I should be taking from this? Ah well. I failed but I’m sure as hell not going to beat myself over it. I would say I’d try again this month, but it’s just gone 3pm on the first day of the month and I’ve not even taken 1000 steps yet today. Maybe next month.

Until next time. x


2 thoughts on “Sometimes we fail

  1. That is true! I fail a lot when it comes to sports so I should know. I’m currently doing a spam spree so anyone who likes/ follows I will follow them, like I did when u liked my latest post. Love this, very inspirational and delivered a powerful message xxx

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