I simply love a good thee-et-er visit, don’t you daarling?

I don’t get to do it too often, it’s a bit expensive (one gobsmacking example being: I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Harry Potter play for next year, but I’ve had to pay over £200 for the privilege…it had better be bloody good, is all I’m saying..!), so it’s always a special occasion when I do get to go.

It wasn’t actually that long ago the last time I went to see a show, but that was a surprise you see, so it doesn’t count. Dan bought me tickets to see Abigail’s Party when he took me to visit Bath for my 30th back in March. It had Amanda Abbington (Mary from Sherlock), whom I love, in it, but it was a crazy couple of hours watching that and definitely from an era neither Dan or I understood. There were a couple of awkward times where we would find something funny and laugh – and no one else would (sorry, was that not a joke..?), and times when the rest of the crowd laughed and we were sat there utterly perplexed at what was so apparently funny. And right at the end there was a random death… urm, what just happened? Crazy. Seventies humour, best left there I think.

This theatre trip, however, wasn’t a surprise. We picked it together so we’d both be to blame if it turned out to be a bit of a bummer.

I bought the tickets for Strictly Murder, showing at the Theatre Royal Windsor, months ago when they sent me through a booklet of all the shows they were putting on. I always find it hard choosing between the many great sounding productions but after a few knock-out rounds, Strictly Murder came out on top.

Let’s face it, anything with ‘murder’ in the title is bound to win with me.

Because it was booked so long ago we’d all but forgotten about it, that was until I had a call from the venue last week to say they had upgraded our seats – great reminder and oooh thanks! This did make us wonder though whether it would be any good since they’d obviously failed to sell many tickets…

As I said, any theatre trip is a special occasion, so I also booked us in at the thai restaurant just to the left of the venue. The show was at 8pm so I thought a 6:30 table for thai should give us just the right amount of time to be finished ready for the curtain call.

Turns out 6:30 was PLENTY of time as the food turned up five minutes (if that…) after ordering. My drink took longer to come! But despite the food obviously not being made fresh for each order – I’m picturing a big vat of green curry just sat on a hob waiting to be scooped into bowls – it was bloody good! So good. Oh man, I could go for another bowl of it right now. Mm.

And despite us dragging out eating the meal, by the time we finished we still had about 40 minutes to kill.

So do you know what we did? We headed to McDonald’s for a sundae!

Fat, I know.

However, the weight loss gods were protecting us as as soon as we walked into the joint, we were practically thrown back, something about an electrical fault and were no longer serving.

Which meant we were only left with the option of walking off some of the dinner instead. A nice romantic stroll, if you will.

We then got into the theatre with ten minutes to go, took our seats and waited for the curtain to lift.

By this time, both Dan and I were practically falling asleep from our food coma and Dan had already warned me that he would probably sleep through the show (this would not be the first time…), so when the curtain raised and the show started, I sat there wondering how long it would be until I’d have to be elbowing him to stop snoring.

It was a slow burner but boy did it heat up once it got going! It was the classic – being lead to believe one thing but then it gets turned on its head and suddenly you can’t believe how you’d been so stupid to not see through it. Brilliant. Even Dan stayed awake through the whole thing and said how much he enjoyed it at the end.

There was an odd moment when I was watching it and thought, ‘this is a weird thing to do, paying money to watch people play “pretend” live on stage for a couple of hours’, which has never occurred to me before. But that quickly went away as I got hooked in and pulled firmly to the edge of my seat.

What I didn’t love was not being able to react like I would when watching something on TV. There were a few times when I had to suppress cries of ‘nooooooo’ in all the forms – surprise, disgust, amusement, they all wanted to come out, which at home wouldn’t have been a problem. But you can’t really do that in the theatre. And I don’t remember having to do that before so this was definitely a reaction inducing performance.

You know me, I hate to give spoilers, so I won’t and I’ll give the blurb of the play from the site instead:

Starring Brian Capron (Coronation Street, Where the Heart Is, Grange Hill, Celebrity Masterchef), Corrinne Wicks (Doctors/Emmerdale) and Gary Turner (Emmerdale) as Peter.

April 1939. An English couple, Peter and Suzy, are living in Provence in idyllic isolation, far, it seems, from the rumblings of the coming war. Their peace is shattered from within when Suzy discovers she has been betrayed: Peter is not the man he claims to be. Suzy’s life is thrown into turmoil as the possibility arises that Peter may in fact be a ruthless killer on the run. Then a Scotland Yard detective arrives and events become even more complicated and frightening …Lies, subterfuge and murder make this fast-moving thriller a dark and disturbing roller coaster of bluff and double bluff. 

If you love your murder mysteries and dramas and you get a chance to catch this play by Talking Scarlet, then I don’t think it would be a decision you’d regret in popping along and seeing it.

Date night was a success and we were heartily chatting about the show all the way home. Dan definitely won on the interaction from the people in the play on Twitter game though. I got a retweet and a couple of likes, he got retweets, likes and comments from the stars, writers and producers… Not that I’m jealous or anything.

Which reminds me, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, you can find me at @MyName_isLisa, that sounds so douchey, I don’t mean it in that way, it’s just easier to chat with people on Twitter than it is on the comments section of the blog, and I love to have a chat! Hope to speak to you there.

Until next time. x


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