As well as having My Bucket List, I also have a smaller list of several things I want to do before I turn 30 in just over a month. One of the things I wanted to do before hitting the big three-OH was to learn how to make the most delicious espresso martini at home. I wasn’t sure whether I really would get this one down before my 30th so I also added it to My Bucket List, covering all bases here. I didn’t know how much tweaking it would take and there’s only so many of these trial babies you can have before you’re bouncing off the walls, so I thought it was probably going to be a lengthy process.

How wrong I was!

Last night I had a couple of my girl friends over, we were meant to be having a movie night, but were so busy catching up and discussing the stuff you just can’t really talk about when the guys are around, that the ‘movie’ part of the movie night didn’t happen. But, I thought, what better time to try out a couple of attempts at the espresso martini than this!

Turns out I nailed it on the first go! It could’ve been the fact we’d already had one or two other things to drink by that point, and by then usually ANYTHING tastes good. Nevertheless, I stand confident that this is one I can tick off the bucket list.

I wanted to add this to my list after I tried one for the first time a few months ago in a bar in London and decided there and then that it was my most favourite drink ever – and vowed to only drink espresso martinis from that day forward. This was a ridiculous statement obviously, but still, it was a bloody good drink.

Since then, every espresso martini I have tried has paled in comparison. Disgusted me even. If I hadn’t had the best one to start with, I would have thought I didn’t like espresso martinis at all – they’ve been that bad.

Turning 30 is a big deal for me. I know it shouldn’t be. But it is. I’m freaking out a little. And there’s certain things I want to experience before that day comes, one of them quickly became having one last delicious espresso martini whilst I was still in my twenties and so added it to my list of things-to-do.

Disheartened with bar tenders’ abilities at making this special tipple, I thought the only way for me to now enjoy a good espresso martini is to learn how to make it myself.

I scoured the internet for ‘the best espresso martini recipes’ and found a few, they all varied in their quantities and ingredients, so thought I would take inspiration from a few and mix them up to see what happened.

Magic happened, that’s what!

And I will share it with you now too so you can enjoy the deliciousness of how an espresso martini should taste.


A handful of ice, just out of the freezer

35ml coffee liqueur – I used Kahlua

25ml vodka

35ml fresh coffee – espresso or ground – I used ground in a stove top percolator. I don’t see why you can’t try it with normal coffee though, if that’s all you have access to


  • Add your handful of ice to a cocktail shaker
  • Add the coffee liqueur, vodka and coffee to the shaker (coffee should be freshly brewed, it doesn’t matter that it’s hot as the ice will chill it)
  • Close the shaker up and shake the living daylights out of it for up to thirty seconds – or as long as you can, whatever comes first
  • Strain the mixture into a glass (making sure you get the lovely frothy end into the glass too, that’s part of it) and serve immediately.

And there you have the most delicious espresso martini you are ever likely to enjoy. My friends loved it! And no they weren’t just saying it. We’d been experimenting with drinks all night and none were afraid to say when we didn’t like something. One of my friends doesn’t even like coffee and she polished hers off in the quickest time of all of us! She has now been converted. This is the same friend that didn’t like tea until I once made her a cup of it to eat with the cake we were having. I converted her to that too.

It’s stupid to be so pleased about a drink, but I am. I’ve had the most delicious espresso martini once more while still in my twenties. Now to cross it off my list with pride!

Be sure to let me know if you give it a go and what you think of it.

Until next time. x


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