For the world over, 2016 has been a real year. What with Brexit, Trump, the list of national and international treasures lost to the spirit in the sky, terrorism and more; there’s been plenty to keep the news channels in business, let’s put it that way.

But for me, 2016 has been the year in which I’ve grown.

I feel different, like I know a bit more about myself; and understand more of what I want from life. I am less apologetic and more accepting of myself; and have been learning to look after myself better – mind, body and spirit.

I have lost a job and found a new job that I love. I have travelled to seven different countries. I have met new people and caught up with old friends. I have learnt what is important to me (hint: money, not so much; big house, nah; time well spent, that’s where it’s at for me).

2016 has started me on a more meaningful path, one that I hope to continue travelling along in 2017. I’m less stressed (less, not cured of being stressed – I now know that’s impossible for anyone), I value time with friends and family more; and I believe I’m less materialistic and more intentional about what I own and bring into my life. That’s not a bad path to be headed up.

So what did I want to achieve in 2016, what were my resolutions?

My resolutions for 2016 were:

How will I do this? I’m going to carry on, or start again, as I did last year by taking inspiration from strong females in books, films, those around me and I’ll include female focused podcasts – there’s a few of them around.

Did I do this? Does anyone anywhere really feel like the leading lady in their own life? I’m not so sure anymore. I always hear people who are doing well in their field – that I would say are leading ladies – say they feel like frauds with no idea of what they’re meant to be doing, and are about to be found out. So who knows. However, to an extent I would say, yes I’ve done pretty well, but of course there are times when you have to step back and do what others want too. There have been times when I’ve taken charge and it wasn’t long before I was relieved of my leader role; but there were also times when I decided to stand aside and let others take charge – only to be thrust into the leadership position. I will say I’m heading in the right direction though.

  • Ease up on the procrastinating. I take so long to do anything, my brain doesn’t have a fast setting.

How will I do this? There’s enough apps and blogs out there giving tips, I’ll have a read of some of those to try and find some good tips. Also I’ll look into some brain training too, get that working a bit quicker.

Did I do this? No. Next?

  • Get my health levels up. This will be the year I get myself sorted.

How will I do this? Through exercise – yoga, running, push ups and healthy eating, but also I want to get a few tests to help me too; asthma test, I think I may need an inhaler for when I go running; allergy test, there is something I am eating that just does not agree with my body and I can’t work out what it is; arthritis test, I swear I have arthritis in my hands. If I could figure these things out – I think it would help me to get myself sorted.

Did I do this? This I will say yes. My health levels are up. I had a fitbit for a couple of months, until it literally broke in two – not very robust these things – but whilst I was using it, it made it much easier for me to keep track of how well I was doing with my fitness. I hit 10,000 steps most days and felt guilty when I didn’t (I didn’t then go do the 10,000 steps, but I felt guilty for it, so that’s progress). I got a Bellabeat for Christmas which means I’ve got something to help me keep track again, but there’s no screen on it so it’ll take some getting used to with keeping track of my daily progress. My yoga kinda went out the window; push ups – did I write that?? Push ups did not happen; I try to run at least three times a week (try): and I’m doing the 5:2 diet to get my brain into gear with its relationship to food. All in all, it’s better than 2015 so I will give myself a tick for this one.


My resolutions for 2017 are:

How will I do this? By being more serious and intentional with my time. If I don’t like something in my life, I will change it for the better. and I will not listen to the internal bullying. I will also learn from those around me, male or female, emulating their good points that I believe will benefit me, my life and those around me too.

  • Ease up on the procrastinating. I take so long to do anything, my brain doesn’t have a fast setting.

How will I do this? I’m keeping this one from last year too as it really would be useful for me. I just need to learn what my distraction triggers are and work on bringing myself back into the moment rather than letting my thoughts run off. There’s enough apps and blogs out there giving tips, I’ll have a read of some of those to try and find some good ones.

  • Keep on track with my fitness, healthy eating and meditation

How will I do this? I’ve got my Bellabeat, my diet plan and my motivation – my next holiday in April and a friend’s wedding in August. The best I can do with my meditation lately is a running streak of three days…this should be an every day task (yet have I even done it today?…urm..), so I would like to get this up to every day. It only takes ten minutes so why can’t I find the time?

  • Complete the second draft of my novel – if not the whole thing.

How will I do this? I am going to create a schedule, work out deadlines and do my very best to stick to them. I will also need to make sure I’m keeping up with reading a variety of books to keep my own writing on top form.

  • Last but not least; I will live 2017 through this one word: Playful

How will I do this? I read about this a few weeks ago and it’s really stuck with me. You pick one word that you try and live by for the next year, or I suppose you could have one word a month. I’ve chosen ‘playful’ because I would like to be a bit more of just that – playful. I know I come across as very serious (I went through school being told I was ‘too mature’ by my peers) and literally no one can tell when I am making a joke. I can’t remember the last time I sat crying with laughter with people, but even if that doesn’t happen, just being a bit lighter with my general mood and appearance would be nice. So when a song comes into my head that I can’t get rid of – I’m going to be singing it out loud. When there’s a chance to have some fun, I’m taking it. It’s not going to be easy for me, it’ll take a lot of practice and I’m not going to pressure myself about this either, I’m just going to try and choose to take the lighter route when I can.


And that is what my 2017 will hopefully look like.

I hope you have a great New Year – whatever you’re up to – and I wish you luck and happiness for 2017.

Until next time. x


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