Both my writing and reading is getting slack again, I’m reading a book that isn’t capturing my attention like I thought it was going to and so keep putting off reading it; and my writing…well, I’ve been too busy to try and rekindle that fire.

My heart and my head tell me they want to be reading and writing but my body is always finding something else that’s more important to be doing. You know, like washing up, going on social media, tidying, watching Netflix, that sort of stuff.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a site called Writerology where you can pay for a workshop on how to make writing a daily habit. I was looking up some online writing courses to help me get back into it again, as I just couldn’t do it alone, and I don’t necessarily mean for my blog, yes I would like to find the time to make my posts a bit more regular again, but I mean my story writing. I’m still in the second draft stage of my novel and can’t seem to get past the first three chapters. I then realised a few weeks ago that I hadn’t actually done anything on it for a while as I had been struggling with it, so abandoned my story, but I wanted to get back into it again. However, I didn’t know the best way to encourage myself to get back into writing and editing, so I went to the most obvious place for help, Google.

I found a blog that someone had written about something called the Writember Workshop and how it had helped them get back into their writing so thought I’d take a look. The Writember Workshop, on the Writerology site, is all done online in either a self-paced form (here’s the workbook, now go write) or accountable form in which you are given personalised support (here’s the workbook but give me a shout if you need any help), The idea is to be given daily writing tasks that encourage you to find or make time in which to write every day for one month, helping you to form a better writing habit.

It sounded like as good an idea as any so I thought I’d give the self-paced version a go. I paid my money and was sent a link to the 200-odd page workbook.

Settling down to begin the course, the first task for the next seven days was not to write my story but instead to write down everything I did with my days – hour by hour – so I could figure out when my most creative and energetic times were.

I already knew that my best time for writing is when I get in from work, but I did the diary anyway just in case I was wrong and found that another time would be better for me. Seven days later and it was as I had first suspected, I am at my most energetic and creative when I get in from work.

The workshop also encourages you to create a ‘write chain challenge’, where you pledge your daily goal, for example mine is, ‘to edit my story for at least 15 minutes every day’, and then every day that you complete your daily goal, you give yourself a chain link. The more days you complete, the longer your chain gets. Miss a day – your chain breaks – and you have to start again.

My chain is currently at five links, six when I’ve completed my editing for today.

So, I’m six days in (technically thirteen days in including the prep days), and what do I think?

I like it. I think this is such a simple idea, and one that really I and others like me should be able to do ourselves, but for whatever reason haven’t found the motivation. And so being able to find this kind of resource online is, so far, a big help for me. It’s early days and I’m only accountable to myself so have to work extra hard to make sure I keep it up, but I’ve found a new love for my story again and hope that this will lead me on to finally having a finished product one day. If I can ever get past the first three chapters that is…

I’d love to know how you find the time for your writing? Do you schedule for it or fit it in when and where you can?

Until next time. x


3 thoughts on “Writember. The daily writing workshop

  1. When I was doing my best I had a daily routine with daily goals that had to be met. Since I got pregnant though that’s been thrown out the window. Lately I’ve had a weekly goal that I mostly meet. I know that when I’m feeling better and things have settled down though that I’ll be able to do it again and that’s encouraging. I succeeded once before I can do it again sort of thing, it doesn’t make it easy it just reminds me the will power is there if I work at it.

    • Firstly, congratulations! How long do you have before the little bundle of joy will be with you? That’s exactly why I wanted to do this Writember, to know that the will power id within me. I’ve only cheated and not done it a couple of days, never in succession though and I’m not going to beat myself up over it, I’ve made so much more progress than if I hadn’t of started it. And you’ll get there again too x

      • Thanks 🙂 I’m due the middle of January so soon. Cheat days are fine, when I was keeping track of my writing days and word counts there was always one or two in there a month. I normally tried to make up the time on the weekends or other days but sometimes life happens.

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