This is the first time in a VERY long time (9 years to be exact) that I have dressed up for Halloween. This (the photo below) is the actual last time, I was Miss Scarlet with a nasty open wound on my head, and tied around my waist was an original Cluedo candlestick game piece and a ‘library’ card. This was for a work competition, it was whilst we were in the process of being made redundant and had no actual work to do so we dressed up for Halloween and decorated the office instead. I spent most of the day laying on the floor in a ‘murdered’ position so the ‘detectives’ could come and investigate the crime. I loved that costume.


I’m never normally around for Halloween as it always falls on the same weekend as when we are away in the Lake District, but since that holiday didn’t happen this year, we could actually say yes to going to a scary fancy dress do and join in the fun!

As soon as I had the invite I was straight on Pinterest for some ideas. Narrowing it down was difficult but I eventually decided on a broken/possessed doll as dolls are terrifying.

My little sister and I used to share a room and on her shelf (which faced my bed I might add) she had a couple of the big china ones and they would completely freak me out, giving me more than one nightmare about them. Plus, years before my older sister had made me watch that episode of The X Files where a murderous china doll would make people kill themselves in horrible ways…that’s probably where my fear of them started. My older sister was always trying to get me to watch scary stuff because she knew it would mess with my head for weeks afterwards. She didn’t like me when we were little.

She once was sat in her room watching TV and laughing away. She called me to come in as a ‘really good bit is coming up, quick you’ll miss it!’ and as I looked at the screen an ice skate landed in someone’s face… or something like that, I didn’t hang around but I think it was one of the ‘Halloween’ films. That split second image stayed with me for a long time. She, of course found this hilarious.

The time I knew she had started to love me as a sister was when she told me to not watch the ‘Saw’ films as she thought they’d be too gory for me. She does love me after all!

Anyway, dolls are scary, so shouldn’t I go as something that scares me? The answer is yes.

The one thing I wanted to get right was the wind up key, so all my focus went on this. I gathered everything I needed; cardboard, kitchen roll tube, gold paint, a bottle, glue and string, and got to work over the next couple of weeks (I didn’t have everything in one go so had to do it a bit at a time, I’m not that slow at art and crafts).

The thing is, I’d spent all my time, thoughts and effort on this that when my friend asked me what was I wearing with the key, I suddenly realised I’d forgot to actually sort the rest of the costume. Luckily she had just been away for a Halloween weekend herself and too had decided to be a scary doll (what a coincidence!) so she very kindly gave me her costume to wear and it was perfect!

I had ribbon for my pigtails, I’d bloodied and killed off my nails (in nail varnish form) and so all that was left was my make up. I practised this the day before which turned out to be pointless as I did it differently on the night of the do anyway.

This was the result:

halloween-7 halloween-6 halloween-5 halloween-4

And here’s what Dan dressed as.


The effect was brilliant and it was as hilarious as you could hope for, everyone loved it!


There was a good effort made my most people which itself was impressive. You never really know what people will do for a dress up occasion, but we had everything from Honey G (who soon got annoyed at the repeated chants of ‘When I say Honey, you say G. Honey ‘G’, Honey ‘G’! throughout the night), to The Mystery Gang from Scooby Doo, to Little Red Hiding Hood and the wolf, to a hunter and his hunted fox, to dead Sandy and Danny from Grease, even Harry Potter turned up, and lots more too.

It was a good night, although my key did start to get in the way after a while when people’s spacial awareness began to wain and I had to repair it more than once (did they not realise the time and effort that went into making that!) but all in all it was a good laugh of a night and one I am glad I made the effort for.

Tonight’s actual Halloween night will be a quieter and less bloody affair with pumpkin carving and snuggling up on the sofa to watch Hocus Pocus while feasting on toasted marshmallows. Just what the doctor ordered.

How about you?

Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

Until next time.



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