I’ve gone for a bit of nonsense for today’s post. Because that’s just how I’m feeling lately, nonsensical.

Have you ever thought about or been asked who would be the ideal guests at your fantasy/celebrity dinner party?  This question cropped up the other day and I wanted to have a bash at it myself as I’ve never really considered it. I hate hosting, some people love it, but it’s just too much pressure for me, I worry constantly that everyone is bored and not having a good time so I prefer not to do it. But a hypothetical dinner, I can host that just fine.

So who would I like to join me for this dinner party? All of these people I think would be really interesting to 1: meet and 2: get into a room together. In no particular order (apart from it fits with the image – in case someone doesn’t know who an individual is):

Kate Winslet:

I love the work of hers that I have seen and in all interviews she comes across as such a down to earth and fun woman. I used to work with someone whose boyfriend was (is still, I guess) friends with Kate’s brother. That makes me and Kate practically besties.

Brian Cox:

Who wouldn’t have questions for Professor Brian Cox?

Paloma Faith:

Paloma’s unpredictability in personality and style would be a great addition to the bash.

Emma Thompson:

Does this need an explanation? Who doesn’t love Emma Thompson, she’s hilarious! And I reckon she gives great advice too. I don’t know why, she just gives off that kind of air.

Emma Watson:

Emma Watson is inspirational in her work inside and outside of Hollywood. Just imagine the deep and meaningful conversations that would be taking place amongst the hilarity.

Elijah Wood:

I can’t exactly say this is for his body of work. This is more of a curiosity as to what he would really be like to talk with. My two longest crushes have both been from the age of about five, one was my now husband (he saw the light eventually), the other is Elijah Wood (still yet to meet him). Like I say, it’s just a matter of curiosity.

Agatha Christie:

The Queen of whodunit, the vanishing lady (where did she go?), if nothing else, she’d probably be able to offer some great dinner party games.

Alan Rickman:

He just seems so delightful it would be an honour to be able to have a conversation with Alan.

Julie Walters:

What a funny, light-hearted, talented and entertaining woman, the table would be in stitches with Julie there. Plus she’s Molly Weasley.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

I am sure he would bring plenty of intellect to the party… just as long as he brought his good looks too.

JK Rowling:

Come on, she created THE WORLD of Harry Potter, what an imagination.


Another queen, Queen B, an inspirational woman who has a lot to bring to the table. I saw her Wembley show earlier this year and although I didn’t know many of the songs, there was no denying how great a show it was and what a power-house act she is.


And that completes my fantasy/celebrity dinner party. What would be served at this dinner, I have no idea. Maybe I’ll come up with a menu for a later post of the food that would be served at this momentous event (…I probably won’t do that, so don’t hold your breath…).

Have you ever thought about who you’d love to have at your celebrity/fantasy dinner party? Have a think about it now and be sure to let me know who you’d have and why.

Until next time. x




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