For a friend’s birthday recently, he decided he wanted to go go-karting.

Now is where I tell you we have some of the best friends out there in that big old world, as go-karting just isn’t doable on a single income budget. It’s around £50 each! We told them, ‘we’d love to come but can’t afford to do it (what with me not having a job and all), so we’ll just watch from the sidelines and go out with you guys afterwards for something to eat instead.’ We wanted to still celebrate with them in some way but just couldn’t justify the cost of it.

They were not having any of it and got a free voucher to pay for me, and as it’s Dan’s birthday coming up soon, payed for him as his birthday gift. How lovely is that! So we got to join in the fun too. See, told you we had some of the best friends out there.

However. You all know my fear with driving. And so the thought of getting in one of these kart things, was a little scary. Especially when we got to the track and I could see how fast they could go.

But I sucked it up, got suited up and got into kart no.18.


To say I caused a bit of a traffic jam, would be an understatement.

I had so much clear road ahead of me, I could take my time, go round the corners at my own pace, and ease myself into it. Until all of a sudden it was a free-for-all and I was being bashed out of the way on all sides for people clambering to overtake me. Apparently no one cared about my chronic fear of driving. Not even my own husband. But the less said about that the better.

To my utter amazement after that first fifteen minutes of qualifying, I wasn’t last. I was second to last, but not last. Go me.

When it came to the actual racing laps, they lined us all up like they do in F1 in qualifying positions and then we were off.

I went for it this time. I knew the track a bit better and although I swear I kept almost rolling on some of the corners, I felt more confident to keep my foot to the floor (and no I don’t mean the brake foot). I even overtook some and stopped a few from overtaking me.

Well that competitive streak lasted a whole five-six minutes I’d say, before I started to get a bit bored and wanted to go around at a leisurely pace again. Being competitive is exhausting. I admit I even ‘WOOHOO’ed in my helmet at one point, but I quickly got fed up of being bashed by people trying their luck and so would just move out of the way for them to overtake me in the end.

Well. We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare; and there’s really something to that. The ones determined to win ‘at all costs’, mostly ended up spinning off or getting caught up in an accident somewhere. I could wave at the crashed-cocky-buggers as I poodled along still in the race – getting a consistent time. Ha. I didn’t win, but I sure as hell didn’t come last. My slow-ish and steady-ish pace earned me 6th place. Oh yeah!

When the race was over, I went to take my hands off the steering wheel and found I actually now had claws instead of hands, they were agony and my back was tender from all the bouncing around on the seat.

The next day I could feel the actual extent of what racing does to the body. My hands were still hurting, my back was swollen and bruised (still is one week on), my neck ached, and both my ankles were sore too.

I was honestly in quite a bit of pain for a couple of days afterwards, so even just for that reason I don’t think I’d do go-karting again. But also because I’m not a competitive person, and although I did enjoy it to an extent (I’m glad and grateful I was given the opportunity to give it a go) I didn’t like the competitiveness it brought out in others.

I’ve done it, but I won’t be doing it again.

Did it help with my driving fear? No idea. I don’t have a car to try and drive with but I doubt it very much.

Have you tried go-karting? What did you think of it?

Until next time. x


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