Superstitions. Are you a believer?

I’d never really noticed how superstitious I was until I went away for my holiday a couple of weeks ago.

There was a casino on board the great ship Azura that we visited most nights, and I was winning at the roulette table, nothing major, just £10 here, £20 there, but then one night I lost. And what was my reasoning for this loss?

I wasn’t in my seat at the roulette table, of course.

Each night I had won, I had been sitting in the same seat, the one next to the dealer so I could get a good reach of the table. I felt cool, calm and confident in that seat. And my winnings showed it.

One night, the table was almost full, my seat was taken but I sat down anyway at a seat in the middle. It didn’t feel right but I ignored it. I played my chips and, you guessed it, lost.

I walked away knowing that if I’d’ve been in my seat it would have been a different story and vowed to never again play unless I was in my seat and it felt right to play.

I carried on with this superstition for the rest of the holiday and although I don’t know what I made personally on the roulette table; together Dan and I walked away £185 richer from the casino by the end of the holiday. Dan’s game was Black Jack (Fun 21, specifically) and we both quickly learnt that if we weren’t feeling the game, then we’d lose the game. Being confident in what you are doing definitely has something for it.

Since then I’ve noticed superstitions are actually something quite prominent in me. And there’s probably more that I still haven’t picked up on.

“Superstitions live on because they have been passed down from generation to generation. Even today, where evidence and facts outweigh superstitious beliefs, there are probably few people who can categorically deny that they do not at least secretly harbor a slight belief in one or two superstitions.” Psychic Library, Superstitions Room.

Here are a few more of my more every day superstitions:

  • Never open an umbrella indoors
  • Always say ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes (oh boy do I not like it when I don’t get it back and I have to say ‘oh bless me’ – common courtesy people, come on)
  • Don’t jinx it by saying something that could obviously backfire at any moment; e.g. the sun is shining, you decide to go for a picnic, and say ‘at least it’s not raining’ – jinxed, you have just jinxed it for the whole party, the rain is soon going to come and ruin your picnic. Well done. But if this does happen – (touch) knock on wood, if nothing wooden is around, pat your head to counteract the jinx
  • Breaking a mirror will result in seven years of bad luck. End of
  • Although the number 13 isn’t one of my superstitions, here’s a little fun fact for you about it: On no ships will you find a floor 13. They go from twelve to fourteen
  • If I am hoping for something special or good to happen, I will cross my fingers. On both hands if it’s something I really want
  • “Find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”, I’ve sadly had to stop this one, as apparently I’m ‘too old’ to be picking pennies up from the street. Which really when I think about the joy I used to get when I was a child and I’d find a penny on the floor that I could add to my pocket money, I would get really excited. I’d be 1p closer to saving up for whatever it was I would be saving up for. A tamagotchi at one stage. I really wanted a pink one but the shop only had an orange one and since I couldn’t wait, I bought it anyway with my hard saved pocket money (and street penny money). So now I don’t pick pennies up from the street. I just walk on by and leave it for the next child that comes along excited to add it to their pocket money  (sometimes I forget and pick them up out of habit, but only sometimes)
  • When betting on the Euros, I had been having a run of luck picking the scorers. I didn’t like to know anything about the teams or the players themselves, I would just look at a list of names and pick the one I had the strongest feeling for. Yeah, I know. Well, most of the time it worked, but for the last few games it really didn’t. Something was off about it, and I didn’t get it back on track until the final when I guessed correctly that Portugal were going to win. We did an accumulator for Murray to win Wimbledon, Hamilton to win Silverstone and Portugal to win the last game. This was correct, however, Portugal didn’t win within the 90 minutes so the bet didn’t count. But my gut feeling was right!

They are the most obvious superstitions that dominate my life everyday. Like I say, there are probably a whole load more that I haven’t even picked up on, but I’ll keep an eye out for them. So how about you? What are the superstitions that make up your days? Or do you think superstitions are a whole load of hooey? My friend – who lost at the roulette table – wouldn’t listen to my theory and definitely doesn’t believe about the right seat thing. But who came away the richer for it? Although, her first ever attempt at roulette saw her win £300 (a couple of years ago). The scene that this created in the casino was exactly like what you’d see in a Hollywood film, it was brilliant. But of course, that has made all trips to the casino pale in comparison for her. Understandably.

Until next time. x


5 thoughts on “All about superstitions

  1. My oldest holds her breath anytime we are next to the cemetery, drive walk or stop next to one.

    My mom says you are not supposed to touch a dead body because any spirits that may have been attached to them could attach to you.
    Not sure were these came from I had never heard either one.

    I can’t throw away a bible, cross or other forms of religious things even if they are broke, wore out or can’t be used anymore. Just seems like it be really bad luck to do so.

    • Oh definitely, I haven’t spotted more yet, but still doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Probably so obvious to those around.
      Thank you so much, that’s really kind of you to think of me. Your facts were really interesting, to help get you started with writing a book, set yourself a quick five minute task of picking something that’s around you and writing about it for five minutes – not thinking about it just writing. Helps to get the creativity flowing. I tried it the other day with just a water bottle; turns out it was a gift from the gods from ancient times to combat a drought that had ruined the land. The bottle eventually passed into legend where it lost its powers because no one believed anymore. Weird what the mind comes up with when you don’t think and just do. x

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