This sounds like such a cliche as I’m even typing it, but, after seeing Queen B live in action, I felt empowered. Like I’d been given permission to not apologise for who I am and to run with my dreams.

How can one person on a stage, singing and dancing do that? How, I ask?

Beyonce Formation

I’ve never really got the whole ‘Beyonce is amazing’ thing before, but after seeing her at Wembley Stadium on Sunday night for her Formation tour, I get it. She is inspirational, beautiful, talented and a bloody good role model for the younger generation (and obviously the not so younger generation too).

I felt like the only one who knew hardly a word as it seemed absolutely everyone else sung along word-perfect with her. All I could do was appreciate their dedication and do my little shuffle thing to the beat (when I could pick one out with how loud it was – alright, grandma). I was able to sing along when she did a bit of Survivor, Bootylicious and Crazy in Love, but she only threw snippets of these in so there wasn’t much for me on that level.


However, the atmosphere in the crowd was sensational. There was one woman a few seats from me who I kept seeing really go for it with her dance moves, she alone emitted enough feel-good vibes to fill the stadium! I was nudged by my friend to look at the crowd during one slow song as it was just a sea of lights coming from phones. That was a pretty awesome sight. Trust me, the photo doesn’t do it justice.

Beyonce Formation

Between songs, she spoke about her own humble beginnings and how “I never forget nights like these”, and even at one point it seemed like she was welling-up as she thanked the crowd for coming to share the special night with her. I felt like she would be someone I could get along with in the real world. She also definitely came across as someone you would never try to mess with (“Who the fuck do you think I am?” are just some of the lyrics from the new album) but then I suppose she has to show she’s no push over. As much as the world clearly adores her, the amount of nut-jobs out there who would like to take it all away; have to be put in their place.

The dancers were fab too. I heard the next day on the radio that the dancers have to train for eight hours a day and always be ready to show Beyonce they know it all. Man does she know how to put on a good show. The routine with the water, wow, just wow. The Queen B herself, knows how to move. Like, really knows how to move. And sing at the same time. I can’t do either, let alone both at the same time. Especially not without sounding like my lungs are about to fall out of my mouth. But then that’s why she’s up there.

She is obviously an incredibly hard working lady. That crowd was there just to see her. And that was just one venue in little old England. It is insane to think about what she has does and had to do to get to where she is in life. Millions of followers. Legions of fans. Sold out stadium tours. One person. How does she have it in her?

Work hard and your dreams will come true, is one of her messages from the night. Imagine what could be done if we all worked as hard as Beyonce.

“You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce.” I saw that on a mug somewhere once and thought, yeah but she also employs an army of people to do stuff for her. She probably doesn’t even do anything for herself anyway. – Obviously I don’t really know either way, but now my whole attitude towards her has changed and instead am now wondering how on earth she gets everything done in the same amount of time as everyone else. Surely she has some kind of ‘Bernard’s Watch’ (a time stopping watch for those who have no idea what that is), it’s impossible the amount she must do in a day! Maybe she doesn’t sleep? No her skin is too good for that. When does she get time for a skin care routine??

Beyonce Formation

The only bad thing about the show, was the end. My friend and I were convinced there would be an encore. It’s Beyonce, of course there’ll be an encore. The way she said ‘thanks for coming, have a safe journey home’ screamed there would be an encore. But no. There was no encore. There was no ‘Single Ladies’, not even a hint at it. It was like it didn’t exist.

I had a great time, regardless of not knowing the words and the no encore fiasco, and I must admit, I am now under her spell and a little bit in love with Beyonce (not as much as my straight, pregnant friend who has forever talked about how HOT Beyonce is. Beyonce or Justin Timberlake, she can’t decide who she loves more). She is inspiration personified.

And with my inspiration levels at their highest for a while, I am off to get some shit done! And perhaps learn a few more Beyonce lyrics.

Were you there at Wembley Saturday or Sunday? What did you think of the show? Will you be catching the Formation Tour anywhere?

Until next time. x


2 thoughts on “Who run the world?

  1. Great blog post. Beyonce concerts are definitely uplifting. I saw her in concert a few years back and I was impressed with the quality of her performance. Her voice is amazing and she has such passion. She seems so down to earth and appreciative to her fans.

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