OK, this might not be true for all free books, but the majority of free books for download onto Kindle etc, usually turn out to be pretty poor.

In this age of self-publication, the usual steps aren’t observed before to getting a novel out to the masses, e.g. editing.

Instead, someone has decided to write a book and just shoved it out there for the world to absorb.

The amount of spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, missing words and extra words that can be found within these ‘freebies’ is plain exhausting to read.

Mistakes happen, I know (I also know that I make plenty here on my blog, but it’s a blog; there’s no Shakespeare happening here), but for something that should be an author’s pride and joy – you’ve got your story out there! – it should at least have the right words needed to complete each sentence. If the line should read ‘I had a great time at the party last night’, make sure it doesn’t actually read ‘I had a great at the party last night’. Did you? A great?

Hey Mr Author, did you ask anyone  to read your story for you before you sent it out into the world? I’m guessing no, because if you did, they obviously didn’t actually pay that much attention to it.

Before my holiday a couple of weeks ago, I loaded up my kindle with a few free books to keep me entertained whilst I was away. I thought I might find a thrilling new author who I’d wish to read more from in the future…

This did not happen. The books I downloaded were so poor in their writing that every one of them was a chore and so I gave up on them. Today I tried to carry on with one of them, but honestly, the glaringly obvious mistakes in it have made me a little bit angry (can you tell?).

Why should I waste my time reading an author’s story when they obviously haven’t even read it properly themselves to notice these errors. Bad form! Is what I say.

I’m still persevering with the second draft of my novel, in case you were wondering, and do spend a lot of time worrying that when I make changes, I’m actually creating more mistakes without realising it. I know it can happen. Again, when it’s finished (…), it’s not going to be Shakespeare worthy, but at least I’ll know I’d’ve given a thought to looking out for these mistakes.

As for the free books, I think I’ll be sticking with the best sellers for a while, until I have the stomach to try and find a hidden gem again.

Now, can anyone recommend a good book?

Until next time.


7 thoughts on “Don’t go for the free books, there’s a reason they’re free!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, just looked this up and it does look rather good! Had a browse of her other books too and I think I’ll be working my way through her collection. Love the fact they’re not a series of books but stand alone, don’t seem to find that too much lately. Thanks again Lindsay x

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