Who says dress up is only for birthdays, hen dos and Halloween? Pah! Every day can be a dress up day if you want it to be. And the best part is, no one even has to know if you don’t want them to.

Dressing for who you are each day can help to boost your self-confidence, attitude, energy and the way you feel about the world. But that doesn’t always mean dressing with the current trends. Sometimes it means dressing with a persona in mind.

Some days call for a little extra identity, so you can channel those particular virtues of the characters you love. And it’s so simple to do too.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pick your character. Whether they are from a film, tv series, book, game, comic, or even a theme of any of the above, whatever from wherever; just someone or something that is inspiring you today
  2. Google or Pinterest images of that character to get the main things you need – colours and/or styles
  3. Know what you’ve got in your wardrobe and pick out what relates to the colours and/or styles of your chosen hero
  4. Accessorise. Accessories are a great way of hinting hidden extras of your character and help to finish off your look
  5. Channel those qualities you want from your character and go kick ass!

Here’s a few of my own examples to help get your imagination going:


Legolas: greens, browns and silvers. Any earthy tones really.


R2D2: whites, blues and greys, you could even add in some orange for the rust!


Professor Snape: black, black, black…and maybe some more black, yes that should do it.


Rey: beiges, browns, whites and greys.


Mr Smee: Stripes, blues, whites and reds, anything kinda piratey really.


Professor McGonagall: blacks, greens, golds and sparkles for her sharp wit.

Captain America

Captain America: reds, whites, blues, browns and there’s got to be some sort of stars in there somewhere (mine were in my ears).

Other character colouring options:

Wonder woman: blues, reds, yellows and golds

Indiana Jones: camels, beiges and browns

Pikachu: yellows, blacks, golds and reds

Alice in Wonderland: baby blues, whites and blacks

…The possibilities are endless!

And that is how you do casual fancy dress, cosplay, costume, whatever you want to call it. And best of all, it can be your little secret or you can have fun with people trying to guess who you are each day.

So my question to you; if you could dress as anyone, who would it be?

Until next time.


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