Walking through the car park towards the entrance of Legoland Windsor, we could already see the stress on the faces of the parents taking their kids for a ‘fun day’. Trying to pin the little ones down to slather them in sun cream while all the kids wanted to do was get inside the park, “come on, let’s go!”, was hilarious.

Inside the park was no different. The queue for the toilets – right by the entrance – were already jammed with parents trying to keep calm as their precious bundles of joy got het up with anxiety for needing a wee and excitement for wanting to get into the action of the park.

We had some of our Bristol friends to stay for the weekend and wanted to do something good with them to show them the area. We had decided on taking them to Ascot Race Course to watch some racing but they had other ideas.

Chris has been enjoying Lego – a lot, recently – by all accounts, and as they were down this way were hoping for a trip to Legoland. Being completely up for this, we took a special trip to the supermarket to buy boxes of Kelloggs cereal for money off coupons. Buy one get one free for adults (and kids go free – as you may have guessed – we had no kids to burden our day!) so it was a cheap day out too.

We got there for opening and headed straight for the Lego Star Wars section (I’m a bit obsessed with Star Wars The Force Awakens at the moment, but that’s a story for another day). Darth Vader was waiting for us first. Then we saw models of C3PO, R2D2, Yoda, Han Solo and Chewbacca, Leia and Luke; and lots of scene set ups, obviously made entirely from Lego, depicting the story of the films – not including The Force Awakens. But I bet the behind-the-Legoland-scene model builders are working on those as we speak.

In the Star Wars shop, I couldn’t for the life of me find a little Lego Rey to buy..she must be rare, they had the rest. I was very disappointed but as you can see I at least got to have my photo with a big Lego Rey!

Star Wars Lego Rey

We had a great day all in all, riding the wet rides first so we could dry throughout the day (the weather was amazing, hotter then Ibiza apparently on the Saturday!!) and the queues weren’t too bad as we got there early, seeing the model countries, having a play with Lego in the Imagination Centre, seeing real swimming sharks in the Lost City of Atlantis, watching the 4D Lego movie, and so much more. There’s loads to do.

Legoland castle Lego Ninja

Food wise, I would recommend going to the Pizza and Pasta buffet in the top right part of the park (near the hotel). There’s a pirate show that goes on regularly outside this, and if you time it well, you can go and get your food whilst everyone else is watching the show! There was no queue when we went as everyone was pre-occupied and the food was pretty good too.

Legoland: just a place for kids? Hell no. Even if – on the safari train ride – the mum in front got really embarrassed when her child asked where our kids were because the ride wasn’t for adults. We just told him, we were big kids and could enjoy it just as much as the little ones. I don’t think he understood.

We were there from opening to close which we were all surprised at, we thought we’d have finished by 2pm at the latest. But when 6pm hit, closing time, we were sad to be saying goodbye to the place.

Whether you want to share it with your little ones, or are just a big kid yourself, Legoland gets a big thumbs up for a visit! Especially when you can get in for buy one get one free for the price of a box of Kellogg’s cereal. Just cut out the voucher and take it with you.

Until next time.


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