Originally destined to be a biscuit recipe, this crumble topping is a fairly healthy, easy to make and tasty pudding/breakfast/lunch/dinner – why restrict these things!

Thankfully before using up the whole mixture on making biscuits, I trialled some…just in case (I’m sure you know about my disastrous baking history by now). They were crumbly going in the oven, and crumbly coming out again, that wasn’t going to work.

I had some fruit that was on the turn so decided to just chop that up, put the crumbly mixture on top and call it a crumble. That worked much better. It was good. So good I would actually say, it’s the best crumble I’ve ever had. Yes that good!

Best crumble serving

The problem? I’m not 100% sure I could recreate it, but actually think this could be a good loose recipe anyway that will work – whatever you chuck in it (within reason, of course).

Hence why I called this “Quick to make – I’m pretty sure healthy – crumble recipe (…more like a guide really)”, so here is my guide for how to make the best crumble in the world!

Best crumble full

Crumble – should make around 400g of topping


200g Oats

150ml (roughly) Agave Nectar (to taste)

200ml coconut butter

200g blend made up of whatever seeds, chopped dried fruit and nuts you have

A few drops of vanilla extract

The reason this last 200g is so vague is because in all my recipes it’s ‘whatever I have in my cupboard at the time’ goes in. All I knew is I wanted the ratio between oats and everything else to be equal, I don’t know why either. So I just used up whatever I had up to 200g. In my cupboard I had, chia seeds, flax seeds, psyllium husks, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, desiccated coconut, sultanas, dried apricot, dried apple and currants; I’m pretty sure that’s it. I had no idea whether it would work or not and that’s why I say just chuck whatever you’ve got in your cupboards into it – I’m sure it’ll work just as well.

For the fruit base:

Three green apples

Two nectarines (I would have used more but the rest of the pack had turned beyond saving)

Two satsumas

One small carrot grated

Sprinkling of cinnamon

Again I would say, use whatever fruit you have lying around, it’ll work. As long as there’s enough fruit to cover the base of your dish, then it’s all good.


  • Preheat oven 180C/ 350F/ 4 gas mark
  • Chop all the seeds and nuts so they’re small – almost crumb like – and place in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add to the mixing bowl the oats, the rest of what is making up your 200g blend, the agave nectar and vanilla extract.
  • Melt the coconut butter in a microwaveable bowl in the microwave. Best done in 10 second spurts so you can control it; then once melted, pour into the mixing bowl with the rest of the mixture.
  • Combine well and place to one side.
  • Peel, de-stone, de-seed and chop the fruit, grate the carrot.
  • Place chopped fruit into an oven proof dish and sprinkle with cinnamon.
  • Place oat and seed mixture on top of fruit.
  • Cook for 20-30 minutes or until brown.

Best crumble portion

Mine then lasted two days in the fridge without being touched. Batches can even be made and kept in the freezer, no need to de-frost when you need it, cook from frozen until it’s hot in the middle (cover with tin foil if the top is getting too dark but the middle isn’t getting hot).

Hopefully this recipe/guide is helpful to any non-chefs out there, like me, to see that sometimes – just giving it a go – can work out. Enjoy!

Until next time.


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