It’s not the first time I’ve written about my failures and embarrassing situations on my blog, after all, why should I hide them. Just take a previous example: Embarrassing Situations or Letting Yourself Make Mistakes; I am no stranger to red-faced moments; they may hurt or even make me cry at the time, but I always know that it won’t be long before I can see the funny side.

Today’s was a corker of stupidity. A real, ‘you must have known that would happen’ situation. Oh hindsight, how useless you are.

My cooking disasters are well known and documented, such as here, and for you lucky lot, I have another one, but this one didn’t even get to the baking part!

I have been craving carrot cake for weeks. Weeks. But instead of buying one I thought I’d make an occasion out of it and try my hand at making one from scratch. I bought the ingredients, carefully picking out the best items for my creation, got them home and got to work.

I grated the carrots, I chopped the walnuts and dates, devotedly following every step of the recipe…

The last step I got to was to blitz it all up together in the food processor. It told me to scrape down the sides so all the mixture would get mixed up evenly.

I soon got bored of constantly stopping the mixing, taking off the lid to scrape down the sides, replacing the lid and repeating, and had a brainwave. I could stick my wooden spoon down the feed bit in the lid and scrape the sides there as the mixture slowly makes it’s way round…it worked…at first. Then all of a sudden I was being showered with bits of wood and plastic.

I’d pushed the spoon in too far and it got caught in the blades. Oh how stupid can you get, I can hear you cry! The spoon shattered into two big bits and many small bits (all in the mixture), the plastic feed bit burst into pieces and the bowl itself broke too.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I couldn’t believe it. Then realised, this is me, of course I can believe it and could only do one thing. Chuck it all in the bin.

So still no carrot cake for me. And it’s safe to say my baking skills aren’t making any improvements either.

Maybe next year Bake Off.


3 thoughts on “And the baking disasters continue…

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