Footgolf. If you’ve not heard of it (neither had I before last week), it’s basically golf but you kick a football into a big hole instead of putting a golf ball into a small hole with a stick (club, whatever).

And is so much fun!

We have a set of friends that recently we have started trying to do more out of the ordinary stuff with, otherwise we just meet up for dinner (which is nice obviously but we can do that any time).

Last time it was Laser Quest, this time Footgolf. Unfortunately we were all so engrossed at Laser Quest that we forgot to take any photos but we at least managed to remember to get one right at the end of Footgolf today. Thankfully we were all still friends by this time otherwise it could have been super awkward.

Honestly, it was tons of fun. I wasn’t sure before I got there, in fact I was convinced I was going to hate it, but after the first five minutes we were all laughing, cheering each other on and cursing the wind for ruining our chances of getting a hole-in-one (completely the wind’s fault).

To get to the first hole we had to kick quite precisely over a bridge avoiding the sides which thankfully we all did, so we were feeling pretty confident at this time; if we could get across a bridge, we could get those balls anywhere! Except up a slight hill apparently. Holes with hills meant using precision kicking…I’d get it up the hill, the wind would take it back down over the other side. Collective cries of ‘NOOOOO’ and ‘so close’ could be heard time and time again on each hole, but it was all part of the fun.

Our wildly contrasting footballing experiences within the group made little difference to how well any of us played – which basically meant we were all on a level playing field in this game. Some holes took a maximum of ten shots, some only took two, but it was different for each player at each hole. It really is a game that anyone can play no matter how much football you’ve played previously; me – very little – practically none, yet I did pretty well, even if I do say so myself (I came fourth out of five, but I was winning to begin with!).

Find out if you have a Footgolf place near you and give it a go with friends, family, co-workers, anyone you want a bit of a laugh with, I would really recommend it. And at £7.50 for nine holes plus £1 ball hire (you can take your own) it’s not too bad a price either.

We’ve got our next date in the diary (we all know if you don’t do it there and then when everyone’s in the same place, it’s impossible to get a date later on) but haven’t fully decided what we’re going to do yet, there’s a couple of ideas floating around with ‘micro-pig petting’, dinosaur adventure golf…or just heading round one of our houses. I know this last one contradicts the ‘not just going out for dinner’ but we’re going to keep our options open in case I’m still job hunting by that time… But we’ll see.


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