It may have taken me the best of five part hours (I did have dinner during this time too – in my defence), but I have created my very own printable weekly planner.

I’ve been meaning to make one of these for weeks but, well, life (and laziness) got in the way – which is precisely the reason why I’ve needed one!

I leave work with grand ideas of what I’m going to do with my evening when I get home and then…I’m not really sure what happens but it’s bed-time before I know it and I’ve done a whole lot of laying on the sofa and not much else.

But with this printable weekly planner – with this – I’ll be able to properly schedule my time and see exactly what I’m meant to be doing when. Or at least that is the plan.

I visited London for work this week and had a super-sneaky-quick-look in the Southbank Shop on my way back to Waterloo. In there was the answer to my prayers all glammed-up with geometric shapes. A tearable weekly planner. Then I turned it over. £10. TEN POUNDS for a few grids on some bits of paper?? Nah. I can do that myself for free. I put it down and walked away from it.

Making my own though, I didn’t want just an Excel spreadsheet jobby, no, no. I wanted something nice I could happily put somewhere in my house. So this afternoon (and evening) I finally got on with making one. If I’d’ve known it was going to take me near on five hours, I would in hindsight just pay the £10 to be honest. But I’ve done it. I’m pleased with it on screen and it’s had the royal seal of approval from Graphic Designer @my_nameis_dan; however it is yet to be printed (I don’t currently have access to one) so I can’t actually say what it looks like on hard paper – nevertheless I have faith.

Printable weekly planner

So much so I am sharing it with you too! Printable weekly planner. This way I may be able to save at least one other person precious time and money. It’s a small offering but as they say, every little helps. And if you do decide it can help you and you print it – let me know how it looks!

Until next time. x


6 thoughts on “A printable weekly planner for you

  1. Hi Lisa, great design. I printed it out and it looks lovely but I would advise others to check the size first. I printed at 100% and it printed with the actual planning sheet on one page and the bottom blue pattern on another page. But my fault I should have checked first. But it looks lovely on my kitchen cupboard. Thanks Eliza

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