I am totally over the whole ‘WOOH TRAMPOLINING IS AMAZING – EVERYONE MUST TRY IT’ phase I had going on the other week. Not because I’ve gotten bored of it already but because it turns out I’m actually a 70 year old woman with dodgy knees who can’t cope with it.

About ten years ago I did something to my right knee…what that was I honestly cannot remember. Seriously, not a clue. I just remember having to sit on a high stool behind the cash desk for a few days when I was working at John Lewis as I’d done…something…to it. And well it’s never fully recovered from said mystery event.

Every now and again I need to bring out the knee support and give myself a bit of a rest. This time it’s been triggered by trampolining.

After the first week, it was a little bit sore but thought that the bouncing would eventually strengthen my knee and so it was a ‘good pain’. I quickly recovered and although missing the following week of trampolining for reasons not all my own – I was all up for it the next week.

While I was jumping I could feel that something wasn’t right with my knee – but vanity/pride whatever you want to call it – made me not quit for fear of looking like a complete wuss moaning that my knee was sore. So I carried on till the end.

The next day, I felt like Miriam Margolyes. If you don’t know who that is – you haven’t watched enough Harry Potter. She is the fabulous Prof. Sprout. Recently the BBC aired a programme in which (older) celebrities took the challenge of seeing what it would be like to really retire in India – like in ‘The Best Marigold Hotel’; the programme was imaginatively called ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’.

It was class viewing – I loved it. But the reason for me bringing it up is because it focused quite heavily on Miriam and we often got to see how much she struggled with stairs. With my knee in the agony that it was after trampolining, I really felt like I was channelling Miriam and struggled massively with going up and down stairs!

This was no longer a ‘good pain’ and I could tell that it wasn’t ever going to make my knee stronger. I text my friend the bad news and said that I sadly couldn’t do trampolining anymore. She has already found someone else to go with – so obviously no loss there on her part.

So, my knee recovered a week later and, if not trampolining, we still wanted to find some activity to do together. As I walked past my local community hall one evening I noticed a timetable of different activities. On it I saw that every Wednesday they hold belly dancing lessons. PERFECT!

We pitched up once again unsure of what was going to take place. Right away we were greeted with ‘NEW PEOPLE!’ perhaps not the best sign, but a warm welcome none-the-less. The teacher was a self-proclaimed mad woman, great fun but sadly not a great tutor. She would do some vague moves then want us to repeat them, and then when showing us again it would look like completely different moves to the first ones she showed. It was a confusing hour, but my god I would like a jangly belt to wear as part of my staple wardrobe. Having a musical shimmy was by far the best part!

However, one session of belly dancing was enough. We’ve tried it and perhaps it’s not as perfect as we first thought. Next week we’ll be moving onto something else. We’ve actually decided that we’re going to try and find something different to have a go at either every week or every once in a while (if we find something we want to stick with for a time).

I’ll keep you posted on what we try out next. Who knows what it will be!

Until next time.



10 thoughts on “I wouldn’t call it quitting…more…moving on to the next challenge

    • I may try it again some day but I’d definitely want to find a better teacher, was an expensive lesson for not learning anything. Knee pain is rubbish and makes me feel so 👵. Thanks for reading x

  1. Keep on girl. Never give up trying new things. Ok trampolining was a bit iffy, belly dancing …find a new teacher. How about surfing or skateboarding???

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