My 30 day challenge of decluttering is done.

The idea was to get rid of as many items as was the day number – Jan 1, get rid of 1 item, Jan 2, get rid of 2 items, Jan 27, get rid of 27 items and so on.

In total I got rid of 465 items from my home over the course of January. If you’d’ve told me before I took part in the challenge that I would be getting rid of 465 items – I’d’ve told you “that’s crazy – I’d have nothing left!” Turns out, it hardly made a dent.

In a previous post I told you how I was trying to get my family involved in decluttering too…well I wouldn’t say it was an out and out success…but…some of them at least…attempted it…sort of. I think I was just annoying them after a while sending them daily photos of what I was getting rid of – and getting nothing in return. But people have busy lives and I understand…even though it would really do some of them some good to have a real go. Ah well.

I certainly feel good for doing it even if the space doesn’t feel as decluttered as I thought it would. So with that in mind and the fact that I have far too much stuff for the size of this house – I’m going to get rid of another 435 items during February (29 days in Feb this leap year)! Actually I only just decided that as I was writing the sentence – that is hot-off-the-press news right there. I’m going to do it a bit differently though this time – as long as I get rid of at least that amount this month it doesn’t matter when I do it – I’ll just keep a tally.

It felt good to throw away old junk that I had been keeping ‘just-in-case’ such as, offcuts of ribbon, an egg slicer, old jars, old magazines, and even old toys from my childhood to pass on to my children (this process made me realise that 1. they probably wouldn’t want most of them and 2. I wouldn’t want to give them to them anyway as they’ll have nice new stuff). I just need to keep going with it really.

My wardrobe is one area that I struggled to get rid of much from. I have so many clothes and barely like any of them – yet I found myself not quite able to part with much of it. However, I am going to have to. My dream idea of converting the roof into a wardrobe and en-suite for the master bedroom – has fallen flat on its face. The roof just isn’t big enough to convert. Which means there’s no room in the bedroom for clothes. The only options we have are either have a wardrobe in another bedroom (which is what’s happened so far but I hate not having my clothes in my room) or really cut down to be able to have them in our room like any of the below.

May have got bit carried away looking at minimalist wardrobes there on Pinterest. It just has so many great ideas! But since I can’t have the wardrobe space of my dreams, I’ll have to do the next best thing and attempt a minimalist capsule wardrobe that may at least look pretty open to the world. We’ll see.

If you want to find out more about the month long declutter challenge, click here to visit The Minimalists.

So. 435 items for February, you up for it?


9 thoughts on “The challenge is over!.. Or is it?

  1. Without having seen any of your posts, I coincidentally started the same process. So far I have taken three boot loads of things to the charity shop. It does feel good and as with your experience it has barely made a dent. I am going to keep it up, as it is fun looking through the old things, and realising that they did very well for me in the past but I am better off without them.

    • Three boot loads, good on you! I heard a good tip for getting rid of sentimental things that you have no need for but don’t want to forget about it – take a photo of it – then when you stumble across the photo you’ll get the same memory reaction you would have from seeing the physical item. Not sure I’m fully convinced by that but it’s one way of getting around guilt of throwing stuff out. Keep going, you’re doing great!

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