You may or may not have noticed my lack in writing this month, and if you have read previous blogs of mine then you’ll know I can get bouts of depression. Well it happened again (again). It’s been pretty bad this time leaving me really not feeling great at all – sucking all the creativity and social(ness…) out of me; the dark cloud not lifting for anything or anyone no matter how much yoga, meditation and rabbit stroking I’ve done (not a euphemism – I have a real life pet rabbit).

But today – I have seen the light! And feel so much better. So much so that I’m writing again and have found something I want to write about.

I have a friend that also has these “turns” and we wanted to do something together one evening or so a week that would get us out of the house and moving. But just going out for a coffee or exercise class wasn’t going to cut it. So I looked for something a bit different for us: belly dancing, tap dancing, our own “Game for a Laugh” inspired dare game, then I found it. Adult trampolining lessons – no experience necessary.

At a local school there’s a dedicated trampolining centre (it’s also apparently used by Olympic hopefuls) which holds adult classes a few evenings a week. Really that means – there’s no excuse, surely you can make one of those days??

Last night was our first night of trying out trampolining. Before I went I felt like I couldn’t really be bothered – I wasn’t going to enjoy it anyway so what was the point? But I did go. And during, I was able to let myself go. Everyone had to take it turns to bounce on the trampolines and everyone was at a different level of experience but it was so freeing and non-judgmental. I gained confidence, fell over, lost confidence, got myself up again, did the jumps wrong, made an idiot myself – but no one cared, I saw everyone fall over at least once – even the pro looking people. No one judged. Like I said, it was a freeing experience.

In the one hour session I learnt how to do a (names not accurate) simple jump in the air – it was my first time after all, tuck jump, star jump – but where you touch your knees instead of putting your arms up in the air, pike jump, twist jump, seat drop, seat drop twist; loads!

It was crazy, I would feel fine whilst on the trampoline then as soon as I stopped to swap with someone – I’d suddenly realise just how out of breath I was. I love exercise when you don’t even know you’re doing it!

By the end of the hour both me and my friend had smiles on our faces that Tim Peake could probably see from the Space Station. Later that night my friend text me to say she’d been reading up on the benefits of trampolining and how it was no wonder we were feeling good – the same hormones are released when trampolining as when having sex. Well there you go. Explains why some people get obsessed with trampolining…

Today I woke up aching and stiff but still in such a better mood than I have been for a while; it’s definitely something I would recommend if you’re feeling blue – go and be free, little one. You never know what it’ll do for you.

Let me tell you, next week’s session can’t come quick enough.


9 thoughts on “Something to write home about

    • Thanks Tam. I do find new things to be daunting – I’m trying out the ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ thing. Doesn’t always happen but exhilarating when it does and it goes well. Thanks for reading x

  1. This is a good post for anyone feeling down in the dumps …getting out and trying something new is just the right tonic to get the creative juices flowing. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Thanks Eliza. You’re right – especially when you’re asked ‘what’s wrong?’ and there isn’t an easy answer. It’s so much easier all round when you feel ok with life and can just get on with stuff. Thanks for the support x

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