So 2016 is upon us. How’s yours going so far?

Mine’s going pretty well and I’ve managed to accomplish the following things already:

  • Saw the new Star Wars film (loved the strong female lead – go feminism!)
  • Started decorating the house – painted what will be the office room and measured and painted the wood for the shelves (just need to put it all together)
  • And nailed the dreaded ‘back to work first day after time off’ – well I did actually work in between Christmas and New Year but those three days off after New Year with decorating – felt like a week!

Decorating the office made me ache in places I didn’t know existed, and it’s been a rude awakening in my plans for decorating the rest of the house…we started with the smallest room…and I’m now realising it will take soooo much longer to do the rest of the house than I originally thought. Ah well, it will be fun though.

Making a start on the house got me wanting to make a proper fresh start and to de-clutter a lot of the junk we brought with us from the flat. I’m worried you see, I come from a family that likes – stuff – lots of stuff. Piles of stuff. And I can see myself easily getting into that habit too. “Oh I won’t throw away that empty box – I might be able to use it in the future”, “I might wear that top again one day…” Stuff just accumulates anywhere and everywhere.

I can have a good tidy up session, get everything where it belongs and feel happier with my surroundings. Then just five short minutes later – and it looks like a whirlwind has blown through my stuff throwing it all everywhere again.

So what’s the best way to combat that? Get rid of the junk I don’t need. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Looking for tips on how best to go about getting rid of my stuff and not regretting it later, I came across the first podcast (I’m currently into podcasts btw) from The Minimalists about living a more minimal lifestyle and thought I’d Google them to find out more. On their site I found the 30 Day Minimalism Game – basically, you get rid of as many items as the day number. Day one get rid of one item, day two get rid of two items and so on and so forth.

Thinking this would be an easy way to get into de-cluttering I decided to give it a go, but since I found it on the second day of the month, I’d have to get rid of three items. So I did. I also sent the link to each of my family members and threw down the competitive gauntlet…so far only my little sister has taken me up on it – literally today, but she’s caught up by throwing away ten items in one go!

Each day I’ve been sending them all a photo of my de-cluttered items – and I’ll continue to send them a photo each day too until they tell me they’re not taking part – ignoring me will not make me go away.

Four (technically three for me) days into it and I’m really enjoying being ruthless and getting rid of things that I thought I wanted to keep; for example, some of my old cuddly toys that I wanted to give to my future children, and now realising some of those toys are so gross I wouldn’t want to give them to my kids anyway. They’re gone. But don’t fear, I’ve kept the good ones.

I want clear spaces, an easily tidy-able house – one where people can just drop-by and I don’t have to worry about the state of it. I am well on the way, and, getting rid of stuff is liberating; I’m actually starting to struggle with only getting rid of a few items each day – I’m finding more and more as I go.

I’d love to hear your tips for clearing out, or maybe you fancy giving the 30 day challenge a go too, let me know!

Until next time.


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