I may have mentioned how busy I’ve been lately (aren’t we all) what with the move and new job, blah blah blah, boohoo I’ve got no time for anything, you get the picture. Well that’s all still going on, so time for blogging and hobbies is very limited at the mo, but I’m not complaining as I know things will settle down eventually and I can get back on with my everyday shizzle.

It also means that the usual non-stop Christmas stuff I do at this time of year have been kept to a minimum. Last year there was truffles, top Christmas films, Christmas books, present buying advice, top Christmas TV, Christmas outfit, and more. This year, well so far, a moan about sexual harassment at Christmas parties…and well, that’s it. Hmm. Seems a bit bah humbug this year. Let’s make a change to that now!

Although nowadays my time is more limited, I have been able to fit in a couple of Christmassy elements to my days;

I finally found some mini Christmas jumpers to make my dream advent calendar from! A few years ago I had the idea of having an advent calendar made from 24 mini Christmas jumpers, but I couldn’t find any anywhere and I can’t knit or crochet (despite my attempts to learn) so I made 24 festive envelopes instead. This year though, Sainsbury’s came to my aid and have created Christmas jumper bunting! I just sewed up the bottoms, took the pegs and numbers from the envelopes, and done. It’s not properly finished yet, I need to make it smaller, but it will do for this year, and will be a future heirloom.

Christmas-1 Christmas-3

I’ve downloaded a version of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol which I’m listening to in instalments on my walk home. Listening to it this way actually makes me feel how I think Chaz intended his story to make us feel. My walk home is spooky enough let me tell you, so listening to this ghost filled tale through the dark streets of Bracknell has me looking over my shoulder at every step. But I kinda like it.

We have our tree! And it’s a real tree! I’ve never had a real Christmas tree before. It’s quite nice. I never used to like real ones as they’re not symmetrical but, turns out, if you look at enough of them you can find a fairly symmetrical one. The lights went on and so did the decorations…thinking some got lost in the move though as there’s not many so it’s quite a minimalist tree.


I made a tree of lights! Inspired (read: completely stolen) from Pinterest and I am thrilled with it. The one issue, it was meant to be for outside but the lights I used have a pesky control box, for the light pattern, which has to stay inside and is close to the end of the lights; meaning there’s not enough wire between the tree and the box for the light to go outside. So it sits on the windowsill instead where it can be seen by passersby.

Christmas-4 Christmas-2

I’ve also watched a couple of Christmas films and have been listening to Christmas music when the opportunity arises too.

So I am getting my Christmas fix (I’m also wearing a Christmas jumper and have Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas on in the background as I type), just not as much as normal, but the festive season isn’t over yet and I’m enjoying my time regardless; isn’t that the goal at the end of the day anyway?


Enough about me, how are you guys getting your Christmas on?


7 thoughts on “A minimalist Christmas this year

    • Thank you! My husband would totally agree with that, he hates clutter and sadly that’s how he sees Christmas decorations – so he loves what I’ve done this year. I’m just pleased to have something up.

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