As you know from my last post, I haven’t had time to blog for the majority of October or November meaning my quick round up for October kind of went out the window. But don’t fear – I haven’t forgotten what I watched so will be adding it to my list for November.

OK, technically my November list is non-existent as I haven’t watched any films this month – so the list will actually just be for October. Oh well, never mind. Here is my list anyway:

So turns out it was probably for the best that I didn’t get time to watch any films in November otherwise this list would be HUGE.

Lots that I’d recommend from this list actually, What we did on our holidayThe InterviewInterstellarThe Maze Runner (both), Alexander atTHNGVBD.

December is here and you will not be surprised to hear that I have already watched a Christmas film in celebration of it…my quick round for December may be quite a large one.

So how was your October/November for film watching?

Until next time.


7 thoughts on “A very quick round up of the films I watched in October & November

  1. I would recommend a Korean film that I watched in November that I absolutely adore. It’s called “A Werewolf Boy”; don’t bother reading the synopsis because you’ll either be spoiled or go in with low expectations. Just enjoy!

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