A mini get-away can be a glorious thing. The right weather, good company, fun activities and a nice setting, all help to make it that extra special. Last Friday four of us took a trip to Swanage to a stay in a caravan for the weekend as a belated-birthday trip for my very special friend, Beth.

Unfortunately the weekend didn’t start the way we hoped as the kennels where we were to drop Dora off, weren’t open. We were booked in, but they weren’t there so we had to take Dora home again, fill up her house with hay and make sure we were back early on Sunday – as oppose to coming home late on Sunday – as was the original plan. But things don’t always go as you wish them to and we have to learn to roll with the punches. Dora now being stocked up with water, hay and food pellets – we could get on our way, better late than never.

We arrived at the caravan late and all being tired, we went to bed fairly soon after getting there – after de-spidering the place that is.

Swing view at night

9am the next morning and we were all up and ready for the day. We headed into the town and made our way to one of the bakeries on the high street for breakfast. We got it all ‘to go’ and sat by the beach to eat.





Excuse my hair in the above photo – it got a bit windy by the sea. After our *ahem* healthy breakfast, we took a walk around the town to see what we could do.






We started off walking the sea path and found a fairground which looked…well, like it was meant completely for little kids, but it was deserted so we thought we’d give it a go. Turned out it wasn’t the brightest of ideas to do all the fairground bits as Beth was still recovering from being in a (bloody terrible – can’t believe how she survived – type of) car crash a couple of weeks earlier. And although the crashing about in these things seemed fun at the time, soon after her injuries started playing up and she spent the rest of the day in agony! How any of us didn’t think ‘hmm, perhaps this isn’t a good idea for Beth’ – I’ll never know. I even suddenly thought afterwards she may have started having flash backs with all that crashing – but Beth is one tough lady and doesn’t let anything get in her way of a good time! Oh and there were no flash backs I’m pleased to report.

After this we thought we’d take it down – like fifty notches – and live less on the edge. There was ice-cream, fish and chips, shopping and also a bit of geekery with steam train spotting. We were going to go for a trip on it, but then realised that none of us really cared and maybe we’d just look at it instead. So we found a good spot with benches opposite the train station and enjoyed the sunshine as we waited. Dan and John both got sunburnt whilst we sat here. And that’s what you get for not wearing SPF foundation boys.



Next we headed back to the caravan for a bit of a break before going back out to to town for the evening. Before the shops closed and it got dark we wanted to try and get some crabbing in, so after our break we went and bought crabbing paraphernalia headed to the waters edge. We’d been checking throughout the day how well people were doing with crabbing and all day we could’t find a single person who had caught one. But we were hopeful and wanted to at least have a shot at it. So we did. And no none os us caught a single crab either. We spent the rest of the time making crude jokes about not wanting to catch crabs anyway.

Swanage-14 Swanage-13

That’s the last photo any of us took. I think we just forgot to document our time any more. We went to a pub for a drink, went to the arcade and spent all our money on the 2p machines (they’re so addictive) and then went back to the caravan again for the rest of the evening to play games and have some more drinks.

We had a lovely time on our mini get-away. The weather was fantastic – we couldn’t have been given better weather if we’d have asked for it!, the scenery was incredible, the company was superb; and we were able to let go and laugh! What more could we have asked for?

It’s made me super excited for the family’s annual week’s holiday to The Lake District that’s coming up at the end of this month. It’s such a beautiful place and if we have weather anywhere near as good as what we had for Swanage (as oppose to the usual torrential down pours)- it will be one extra special holiday. But as they say, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Until next time.


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