September was a very poor month for film watching, especially with two out of three of the films being terrible. At least I remembered to do a #5wordfilmreview for each of them.




I know watching a Christmas film in September is generally a no-no, but in my defence I was mainly interested in star rating on Netflix and this had a very good one. I hadn’t seen it before and thought – hey, why not. Who cares if it’s the wrong time of year. And I was so glad I did. Such a great film! And it’s only Christmassey at the end, so I personally wouldn’t really say it is a Christmas film anyway. Give it a go if you haven’t seen it!

How was your September for film watching?


7 thoughts on “A very quick round up of the films I watched in September

  1. I actually liked The November Man. I also like The Wonderful Life though parts are a bit depressing. My dad and I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still together which was pretty good. I also saw How to Marry a Millionaire which was decent for an older movie. I watch a lot of movies so I know I’ve watched more this month, but can’t remember which ones!

    As for TV shows, I’ve been watching Gossip Girl which is surprisingly good and addictive. I’ve also started watching The Grinder, Grandfathered, and Limitless which are all good. I’m still deciding if I like the new show Minority report.

    • A lot of people are sad I didn’t really enjoy The November Man, just not my cup of tea I guess. True, but it felt true to life and shows those times when we think perhaps we shouldn’t be, imagine the people that would be affected because we weren’t there to help them. Absolutely love How to Marry a Millionaire, completely outdated but a great film anyway. Not seen any of those shows, would you recommend any to start with? x

  2. Reading your 5 worded review for Mockingjay just made me realise the same thing. I haven’t read the book, so I have nothing to base it on. But now thinking about it the only things that I remember (and I watched it this week) is them filming lots of propaganda footage, the one attack on the mothership/base/thing, JLaw singing and Peeta trying to kill Katniss. Oh and the big verbal smackdown between Katniss and the old man (can’t remember his name…snow?)

    I also saw Frozen, the huge hype surrounding it, meant it was kinda anti-climatic once I finally got around to seeing it.

    Fantastic Four and Inside Out were really good.

    • Yes, they’re the things I remember from it too! It just felt like a ‘filler’ film for something bigger coming.

      I do quite like Frozen, not anywhere near as much as the hype, but my sisters love it so I think I like for that reason.

      Got to check those two out, keen to see Inside Out heard great things about that!

  3. It’s smart of them, they saw it work for Harry Potter and Twilight so continued the two-parter finale trend.

    Don’t get me wrong it was a good film, but it was the same as every other Disney princess (or Queen in this case!) film, just a different setting. I just expected it to have a completely different storyline / feeling to it because of the way it was hyped up as the best Disney film ever.

    I’d definitely recommend Inside Out, they executed it so well.

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