So I finally decided that it was time for me to do something with my hair. I asked for help choosing a new do quite a few weeks ago and still dilly-dallied over the decision; I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

Eventually I decided I would dye my hair pink. Not like some neon show but a subtle colouring. I’d found pictures and examples I liked and was very excited about it! I booked a hair appointment for the following Saturday. But…when I spoke about it at work I was told it would not be seen as ‘professional’. Do they not know you only live once – for heaven’s sake! So that was that. No pink for me.

Which then left me with a dilemma. What colour do I do my hair now? 

I got to the hairdressers on Saturday and said ‘I need help, I have no idea what I want!’ After a little back and forth and figuring out what would actually work with my already multi-coloured hair (red, natural roots and grey) three of us – yes three – decided on colouring my roots a brown colour, adding low lights throughout the middle but keeping a lot of the red, and trying to keep the lighter ends. Dark to light.

I had two hairdressers help me pick my colouring, two who did the dying and two who styled it. My hair is not normal hair – it takes a good few hours and a whole team to try and get it looking as it should! I once had my hair highlighted. Only once because 1. I ended up looking the third Appleton sister (Allsaints, anyone?) and 2. the process actually took over 5 hours because my hair wouldn’t take the colour. 5 hours! Fuck that for a bag of beans.

Anyway back to dark to light. The effect? Kinda worked apart from the lighter ends – they got coloured during the rinsing I think. But all in all I was very pleased. The grey was gone, and my hair felt refreshed.

This was me in the car right after I'd had my hair done.

Me in the car right after I’d had my hair done.

But since having it done, being honest, I’ve really not had many compliments. I know it’s a shallow thing to be bothered by, but hair is such a big thing for people – it has the power to give or take confidence from us. When I first dyed my hair red, people around me were constantly saying how much they liked it and how they thought it suited me; my confidence was through the roof. I loved the red, but it killed the condition of my hair so it had to go.

This time around, I even had to prompt my own husband into telling me what he thought of my hair – of course he said he liked it. At work – I had not a word from anyone for days…until I did and then wished I still hadn’t. “Oh, you’ve changed your hair. It makes you look older. And not in a good way.”

Who says that? Who? My mum taught me ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’, that and ‘treat others how you wish to be treated’, so I do, and always get a bit upset when it’s not reciprocated.

I’ll admit I’ve been on a bit of a downer these last few days because of it but am going to once again pull myself up and out of it and sod what the people around me think of my hair. It’s all about attitude after all, I just need to show that I can pull off this do.

Have you had any hair dos that you’ve regretted or not had nice comments about? How did you handle them?


10 thoughts on “About time! New hair do

  1. Sure. I mucked my hair up big time in the past. But one of the perks of wearing a headscarf is that only I know 😅. The fact that only I know soon becomes a heavy burden though thus negating said perk. See how much thought I give this? Lol currently growing my hair out after cutting it short and regretting it. One year on- no where near. But meh! As for your co worker what can I say. Some people validate their existence by throwing general unpleasentness around like confetti. Ignore them. I think you look lovely by the way.

    • Yes I can see that that would be both a blessing and annoying, you do your hair nicely so you’re happy with it but not many get to see it – at least you know if they ever had to it would look damn great! Also the ability to hide your hair when it goes wrong must be useful : )
      I cut my hair a few years ago and loved it for a while until I missed it – been trying to grow it back ever since, just doesn’t seem to want to – or at least want to healthily. Good luck with growing yours again! Thank you for your kind comments and for reading!

  2. Some people?! How rude – I think it looks very lovely for what it’s worth. I have recently had quite light streaks put in my dark brown (& grey) dyed hair to try & make the latter a bit less obvious and whilst it’s really obvious to me, not many people have commented. My instinct is always to take this as a bad omen but it’s probably silly of me to jump straight to that conclusion. Dare I say it but I’m sure nobody has really given it too much thought. Reckon your commenter is probably just jealous and/or knows they’re pressing your buttons by making stupid comments. Ignore it & have confidence in your choices x

    • I know, right?! Jealous, that is what they say, yes I’ll go with that ; ) Thank you, very much. I do the same, as you say people have probably got more going on in their lives than to take a lot of notice of others peoples’ hair, but when the people closest to you don;t notice either – that can feel a little hurtful – silly really. I will go on and enjoy my hair the way it is now – it won;t be like it forever after all. Thanks!!

  3. First, let me say that I really do like your hair and whoever said that it made you look older and not in a good way is just mean. It’s great to be honest, but not in a rude way. They could have simply said it wasn’t their style.

    So I never had my hair done and had someone say they didn’t like it, but I did once go to get my hair cut and had to hear the lady that worked there say that I wouldn’t like it if I got it done. It was my first time really wanting it shoulder length instead of having it long and she said that she had it cut and didn’t like hers. I couldn’t believe that someone who worked at a solon didn’t trust the team there enough to think that they could cut my hair how I wanted it and that I would like it. It wasn’t even the style she didn’t like, it was just cutting it in general she claimed I would hate. However, I ended up going somewhere else and got it cut and LOVED it!

    I also got my hair streaked (I say streaked and not highlighted because it literally was a streak!) red once because I had a coupon and I swear I didn’t notice a difference at all! The guy said that the coupon I used was only good for like one streak (seriously?!) and afterwards I didn’t notice anything. My mom and friend made it like they could notice a difference, but I swear there wasn’t one. I was so mad!

    However, I’ve also had it highlighted nicely in the past, but now stick to not dying my hair at all. My hairstylist is great though and I love how she cuts my hair! 🙂 I’m glad you like yours and remember that really, you liking it is all that counts!

    • Thank you! That’s really kind of you to say. Yes, honesty is the way forward, but being that honest when an opinion is not asked for, is just not nice. Oh well. You’re lucky if you can get away with not dying your hair, I think overall I would rather not – but trying out different colours can be good fun, if a little scary sometimes. Thank you for your comments!

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