This time last year I posted an opinion piece on whether or not I should dye my hair: To dye or not to dyein which I asked for help in my decision making. And this time I am having exactly the opposite dilemma.

Last year I wasn’t sure if I should dye my hair red or keep doing it the dark blonde/light brown I had been for so long. With help, I came to the conclusion that I would give it a go and I’ve now been dying my hair red for a whole year.

I still like it red when it’s freshly dyed, and I don’t even mind the lighter shade it goes after a few washes but…it’s a lot of up-keep. And honestly, my hair is no longer in a very good condition, I never had to dye it anywhere near as often when doing the brown/blonde shades.

Why dye it at all? I hear you cry. Not dying my hair, is unfortunately not an option. I’ve been getting grey hairs since I was fifteen. My older sister used to sit for a while every couple of weeks and pull them out for me so they didn’t notice. But it started to take longer and longer as I got more and more of the blighters, until it was just easier for everyone involved for me to dye it instead. Which, I suppose, makes it’s a vanity/confidence thing. A girl has to feel good about her hair (and clothes, of course) to boost self-confidence. So dye I did, and have ever since.

So, now the question; what colour do I go this time? I’ve got a box of brown dye ready to go, but I’m just not convinced it’s the right thing to do. As I say, I like it red but it’s too much up-keep and killing my hair; plus I have no idea what colour any other colour will go when I dye it on top of the red. That is also part of the reason why I’ve done the red for so long, I’ve had different events come up that I didn’t want to have odd coloured hair for so kept the red – it was easier.

Ideally, I’d like to actually dye all my hair grey…but 1. I don’t know if that’s possible, 2. it took 5 hours to apply highlights to my hair, I have no idea if dying it all grey would even work with my hair and 3. I don’t know if I could pull it off. I’d probably end up looking like a little old lady rather than a twenty-something with super-cool hair.

But it’s time for change of some sort. And I’m calling upon you – you lovely, helpful people – to help me make my next colour decision, tell me, what colour do you think I should go for next? Or do you have any advice/experience of changing from red? I’m all ears! Thanks!


14 thoughts on “I’m just not sure.

  1. Hello Lisa, I think you could trust your dreams 🙂 At least this is how I chose my colour! And if a dream is not helping out, see what is your mood and talk with a colourist you trust …let us know what you decide!

  2. I so hear you about the up keep, it’s a freaking nightmare, but … If your hair is feeling worse for wear, I suggest using the OGX Nourish coconut shampoo, and they also have this nourishing hair mask. It might help, I use that every 15 days since I started having my hair bleached. L

    • I’ve not heard of that I’ll definitely have to give it a look up, thanks very much! I feel like I have to chop my hair quite substantialy to get it back to a healthy state, but hopefully that will help bring back some of the moisture. x

  3. That blonde/ash/grey colour is ‘in’ at the moment. I’d Google some images and go to a hair colourist for their opinion. It may be easier to do while you’re hair is lighter than dying it brown and then deciding to go lighter and stripping it all over again

    • Thanks! Definitely think I’m going to book in with a colourist next week to see what I possibly could do – if not a lot, then the red will probably be staying.

  4. I am having the same problem. I am much older than you but I would have ugly brown/grey hair of mine grew out. I have a lot of red in my hair so it has been easier to stay a reddish brown. Now it has faded to a dirty blonde and everyone loves it. Yet I can’t find a dirty blonde in a box!
    Good luck with your outcome. If I had been blessed with totally white hair like my aunt I would let it grow out. Yet, I wasn’t that lucky.

    • I still haven’t made a decision yet on what I want to do – all the while my roots are growing terribly and I actually didn’t realise just how much of my hair is grey now. Very depressing. Good luck with finding your dirty blonde colour – maybe a colourist could replicate it for you. x

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