Most of the films I watched in June were during my cruise holiday so regardless of whether I actually liked them or not, they will all hold a special place in my heart. Just like Super 8, Reel Steel and Captain Philips – to name a few – that have been seen on previous holidays.

Anyway, that’s not what you’re here for, you want something quick to read, so let’s get going.


  • Barefoot – A mid-week indie film. Not great but not terrible…


  • Wild – I found this to be quite a sad film but left me with a sense of hope.


  • St. Vincent – Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy doing what they do best!


  • The Other Woman – Some genuine LOL bits, saw this about five times on the boat so will always remind me of holiday now.

The Other Woman

  • Blackhat – Acting was somewhat questionable but the story line was good enough to keep me watching.


  • The Imitation Game – Utterly brilliant! I loved everything about this film.

The Imitation Game

  • The Second Best Marigold Hotel – A cute film and has made me want to visit India!!

The Second Best Marigold Hotel

  • Jurassic World – Loved it, apart from the sexist side of it (in my opinion, they should have totally swapped around the main male and female characters personalities, job roles, everything. If it all had happened the same way but swapped those two characters – it would have been a great modern story).

Jurassic World

  • Enemy of the State – For a (very) 90s film, it still holds weight. Worth a watch.

Enemy of the State

I could have said more about Jurassic World but that would defeat the object of having a quick round up. I think in terms of film watching it’s been a good month, seen some mediocre (ahem*Barefoot*ahem), some eye-opening (The Imitation Game) and some sexist (mentioning no names..) but managing to get away with it. A good month.

Seen any of the these ones? What were your thoughts?

Until next time.


10 thoughts on “A very quick round up of the films I watched in June

  1. I’m sure this film’s totally watchable, but how long can Cameron Diaz keep on making these sort of movies? My question though is this: can Kate Upton act or was it excruciatingly poor?

  2. Ah, maybe I’m boring but I couldn’t even get through the whole movie of ‘The Other Woman’
    I love a good chick flick every now and again but I was so bored and it was so cheesy! I do think Cameron Diaz ‘ time is up on the chick flicks

  3. Hi, thanks for liking a post on my blog! I actually really liked Barefoot and bought it! I also saw The Imitation Game and really liked it, especially when you start to see that not only is the movie about the genius behind the computer and how it came about, but also about the importance of respect (almost gave away too much of the movie there!)

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