What with hen do’s, weddings, interviews and goodness knows what else this month, there has been very little time for film watching (or blogging, sorry about that). So this will be a super swift list that will take no time at all for you to read.

  • Super 8 – I’d seen this before yet none of it seemed familiar! Really good though.


  • Earth to echo – Made me want to relive my childhood. E.T. for the new generation.


  • The young and prodigious T.S. Spivet – Not sure what I thought of this one, it was alright I guess.


  • 3 days to kill – It’s Kevin Costner. Cheesy but in a brilliant way!


  • Begin again – Absolutely loved Keira Knightley’s style in this film. Even found a similar dress to one she wears but sadly it didn’t look right (on me or my dad..see below).

Begin Dress


So that’s my April film watching in a nutshell. And how about you? Anything you’d recommend for my May film watching…if I get time that is, although with a holiday on the horizon I have a feeling I will get some time.

Until next time.


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