So…I’ve done another vlog. There are so many things that I could apologise for about it, but I won’t. I’m learning still and it’s only my 2nd time of being in front of a camera. Anyway.

I thought I’d tell you about the book I’d been reading, The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, as I hoped I could convey just how much I loved it. Have a watch. Oh, you’ll be needing this password though: Gargoyle

This is one the most clever and gripping stories I have ever read. It flowed, it twisted and turned and left me debating with myself about the overall question; could Marianne Engel really be 700? I changed my mind constantly – and still do even now after I’ve finished it.

The imagination and the obvious immense amount of research that must have gone into this novel, is just staggering; and honestly, a joy to behold.

I found I could follow this book as if it were a movie were playing in my head. As I mention in the video, every scene was painted and laid out for me – not in a ‘too much description’ kind of way (not at all) – but in an easy to read and follow kind of way. I admit that I wished it wasn’t like a film playing in my head at certain points of this story, as I’m somewhat squeamish and they were somewhat gory, but I could see that every single line in this book was integral to the story so I read on.

I am in awe of every aspect of this book and hope that one day my own novel can be half as thrilling or well-written as The Gargoyle. We’ll see.

In case you can’t tell, I would recommend you read it. The story may not be to everyone’s taste but to read it even to just experience good writing – must be a temptation on it’s own (we all know how much shit is out there – it’s rare to find something really well-written).

Have you read The Gargoyle? What did you think of it, do you agree with me at it’s brilliance or have you been left wondering whether it was even the same book that you read? Let me know!

Next up from my mound of unread books is ‘Past Imperfect‘ by Julian Fellows. Until next time. x


8 thoughts on “The Gargoyle – Andrew Davidson – Review

  1. This book sounds fascinating, I really need to look into this one – (as if I haven’t got a great pile to read already..!) – you’ve definitely sold it to me!

    • Oh do, but I found another review yesterday from someone who said practically the complete opposite of me. I left this book with desires to one day write as well as this, but it’s obviously not the right style for everyone. Do give it a go and be sure to let me know your thoughts! x

      • Mmm yeah that happens a lot but I believe in positive recommendations and they usually turn out to be right! It might be a while before I do read it but I will certainly let you know I get on! 😉

  2. I am sure I will like this book as it is in the genre that I enjoy reading. Now as for the critique of your Vlog, you look good, you sound good, your natural and you can see your enthusiasm for your subject matter. However, I think you would benefit from better organizing your thoughts prior to the Vlog. Perhaps a brief intro and summary and then the specifics on why you like the book ie writing style, comparisons to other authors, etc and then save the general opinion for the big finish. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work. Love you.

  3. Oh dear, trust me when I say, there is no organising my thoughts
    :’-D I try but forget as soon as I start talking. Perhaps I’m just not built that way, but here’s to hoping I’ll get better as I go on. Although I’m not beating myself up too much as I’ve since seen a video message from Emma Watson that’s similar in delivery. Thanks for the feedback though, always useful to get tips! Take care x

  4. I got this book a few years back as part of the Amazon Vine program, and thoroughly enjoyed it, the history, the supernatural, the realism, and the cover and pages themselves were a detailed package

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