This month I’ve had to be more sensible with my time as it’s coming up to my assignment deadline which has meant not much time for films and plenty of assignment writing. Hence the lack of blogs this month. Sorry about that. And since I haven’t yet finished my assignment, I’m going to have to make this post quick too.

  • Thor: The Dark World – Yeah, this was alright, I’d recommend it but personally I preferred the first Thor film.


  • Star Trek Into Darkness – Sorry, but I don’t think Benedict Cumberbatch was the right casting for this. Have a feeling I’m on my own in that thought though.


  • Bad Neighbours – Seth Rogen. All I hear is Fozzy Bear. There were a couple of funny moments but not many.


  • After Earth – Not bad, not necessarily great either. But nice to see Will Smith taking the back seat for his son.


  • This is the End – This got weird, fast. It felt like an excuse for ‘celebrities’ to hang out and take us all for fools. Don’t waste your time with it.


  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Make sure you’ve seen the first one. I liked it, my husband loved it!


  • We’re the Millers – Much better than I was expecting, some genuinely funny moments.



From this month’s offerings I would say Captain America and We’re the Millers are the best ones to give a go.

So how was your February? Watch anything good?

Until next time. x


5 thoughts on “A very quick round up of the films I’ve watched in February

  1. I have seen this three posted here, pretty much agree, my thoughts are.

    Thor: The Dark World – True the first one was better, I found the storyline weak with this one. Brought down and so predictable knowing Loki as we do. I still think Thor is awesome.

    •Star Trek Into Darkness – “Sorry, but I don’t think Benedict Cumberbatch was the right casting for this”. I agree with you 100% on his casting. Did enjoy the movie.They could have done so much better concerning Khan. When Pike died was a real downer for me. When Khan gave his blood to the little girl to wake up from the coma or whatever. There is the lead in for the next movie perhaps, His special blood does something to her. May go into many directions. And, to our main man Spock/Nimoy-, and so much more. Gone but never forgotten.

    •After Earth – Not bad, not necessarily great either. But nice to see Will Smith taking the back seat for his son.- Personally I thought the movie sucked. Wills role did not fit for him. Trying to be a hard soldier or whatever. Forget because trying to forget.Trying to change up a different side of him as a actor is cool. But still. Plus the whole plot to the movie taken from Scientology’s writings of Hubbard. Wills son did well I agree. These are just my opinions.

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