The Oscars are the most revered awards ceremony of them all; and the one that produces some of the most inspiring and, more enjoyably for the rest of us, some of the most outrageous wardrobe choices.

In honour of tomorrow night’s Academy Awards I thought I’d show you my favourites of the best and worst outfits (the ones we care about anyway) from the Oscar’s famous red carpet.


Some of the worst Oscars outfits

I admit there are a couple of worse ones from over the years, but below you will find my favourite bad outfits from well-known celebs (rather than fly-by-nights that not everyone knows). What were they thinking?!

Worst Oscar outfits

Geena Davis, Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman

Worst Oscar outfits

Gwyneth Paltrow, Cher, Angelina Jolie


 The ones who got it right

Emma, Kate and Gwyneth are my personal favourites out of the below, and again, there were so many more I could have included but well you’ve got to stop somewhere.

The best Oscar outfits

Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Sandra Bullock

The best Oscar outfits

Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Adams

The best Oscar outfits

Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank



Be sure to check this link out for a fascinating look at Oscar outfits throughout the years too. Now I am super excited to see what the stars have chosen for this year’s glamorous event, at least the wait’s almost over. Enjoy the show!


Who are you most looking forward to seeing what they’re wearing at tomorrow’s awards? Do you have any more best or worst to add to the list?


Until next time x


One thought on “The best and most outrageous outfits from The Oscars

  1. What, you didn’t like Lupita Nyong’o’s $50,000 pearl covered gown — you know, the one that was stolen and then returned ‘cuz the thief took a couple of pearls from the dress, had them appraised, and found out they were not real pearls… WTF!!! hahahaha. Real pearls or fake, $50,000 for a dress is just a bit beyond my comprehension.

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