Yes, it happened. As predicted in my last blog (a whole week ago – tut, tut), my spare time has been taken up with watching The Walking Dead…

Everything else was pushed to the side – blogging, cleaning and tidying the flat; only stopping to eat, wash, do some more to my course work, sleep and drag myself to work – when all I wanted to do was stay home to see what happened to Rick and the gang.

Not even Valentine’s Day could remove the focus from the zombies – well not for very long anyway. Dan and I got up exchanged cards, watched TWD until about 12:30 when we stopped as we had a lovely afternoon planned of going to a spa and having champagne afternoon tea.

This was a really nice break. We swam, steamed, sauna-ed and jacuzzied for a while before heading off to the hotel restaurant for our champers and cake. Here’s what it looked like (excuse the photos – it was incredibly bad lighting in there):






There was so much food that we brought home the middle plate of cakes (not the actual plate, we’re not thieves, we wrapped them in napkins) to enjoy another time.

As I say, not even this wonderfully relaxing afternoon could keep my mind off zombies as you will see below in a tweet that I sent after we’d finished stuffing ourselves.




After our champagne, sandwiches (always the worst part of an afternoon tea – not much filling and dry bread), scones with clotted cream and jam, and one or two little cakes, we headed home to nap for the rest of the noon. But nap we did not. Yep you guessed it, we watched more Walking Dead until about midnight and we’ve now caught up with the rest of the world to series 5. It’s just too damn gripping! But hey, at least we got out for a bit.

Today theres been no Walking Dead…so far – up to series 5, we don’t want to completely run out in so short a time. Because of this, today has been much more productive. Hair dying, cleaning, tidying, bill paying, this blog, odd jobs – lots more done.

And we got to enjoy the last of our afternoon tea haul too. Currant/raisin/sultana/whatever was in it packed fruit cake – yum.



Good lighting really counts with photos, don’t you agree?


Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you all! Get up to much?



10 thoughts on “My zombie filled Valentine’s Day

  1. Actually even though I was reading your post on zombie filled Valentine’s day, the pictures of the pastries made more think of life and its pleasures… and this made me smile 🙂 April

  2. I’ve been to one afternoon tea when we were visiting London. I was stuffed. I look forward to my next one. Happy day after Valentine’s Day. Yes lighting and a good camera make all the difference.

  3. Very fancy! I gave up on the Walking Dead after series one though. Now it’s not even on proper TV I don’t think. The way of all things.

      • I’m amazed it’s still on “proper” TV as most popular American things get snapped up by Sky. I see series 4 is to be on channel 5* though so no wonder I never even noticed.

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